Runners with new HIP JOINTS

Any other folk out there that are running on a new hip joint?

Would be nice to find out how your all coping and how far and how fast you are now able to run.

I had my new hip fitted 2.5 years ago and Im able to run 25- 30 miles per week.  Im able to run at 7.15min mile for a 10k.  Im able to do 1 mile reps at 6.35 over 6 miles with 3 min recovery. No races planned this year but Im doing the Chevin Chase.


  • Hi ,if you can run that fast with a new hip I would like one for christmas please ,well done
  • Before the operation when I was told I had  osteoarthritis, bone rubbing against bone, I didnt think I would ever run again. Problem now is, I suffer from lower back pain! imageI put this down to lifting too many items at work. I do get sore occassionaly but thats when I go too fast. I would love to get down to 40mins on a 10k, but its going to be hard work to achieve that.  Before the new hip I was running 38.30 for the 10k. I dont think that is possible. But if I get down to 40, then who knows!  My other hip is also wearing down and will need replacing. I'm about 5 or 10 years away from that. Should be fully bionic by the time I get to 60! LOLimage


    To find out what sort of Hip replacement I have had visit :

    The hip is a ball and socket joint. Normally, the ball at the top of your thigh bone moves smoothly in the socket of your pelvis (hip) on a lining of cartilage. If the cartilage is worn away, it can make your joint painful and stiff.

    Hip resurfacing (also called metal on metal hip resurfacing arthroplasty) operation can help improve mobility and reduce pain. In this operation damaged surfaces of the hip joint are removed and replaced with metal parts.

    Hip resurfacing operation is recommended if you are under 55 and a healthy weight. Less bone is removed for hip resurfacing, making it easier to repeat the operation or to have a total hip joint replacement in later years. A hip resurfacing operation can help improve quality of life, however it's not suitable for everyone.

  • Getting mine done in two weeks.
  • Jim, You having both done or just the one?

  • Just the one,had an infection which destroyed the bone,the ball looks like a cauliflower.
  • Lets hope it doesnt smell like a cauliflower!  So have you been a runner for long?

  • 25 years,but I,m more of a plodder.Started running to get of ciggies and have been hooked ever since.

  • Jim, I'm glad that your hip repleacement is imminent. Hope that you do as well afterwards as Runagain has.
  • Hi Slugsta, Me too,I,ve entered the Connemara half, it,s at the end of March,will know nearer  the time if it,s feasable.
  •  Runagain,

    I need a hip resurfacing and worried I won't be suitable, being 56, female and small - ok, short! My femoral neck may not be strong enough but don't know yet.   More to the point, whether I can run on it after.  Did you have this done on the NHS because I can't afford the £12,000 approx to go private?  I've heard one may be in hospital for 4 days to one week, driving after about 4 weeks and advised not to run until after one year of rehabbing.  What was your experience?   I am worried as am self-employed in a physical job.  How much time is needed off work?

    What about the shelf life of the resurfacing before a revision may be needed? There is an American website called which has some advice on the topic - in the US. 

     I can run about 5 miles on paths once a week if I do my abductor exercises the day before.  If I don't , the pain comes on between 3 and 4 miles. and it takes 1 1/2 weeks to heal sufficiently before I can run again.  Needless to say, I am runing slower and slower and getting fatter and fatter.

    Anyone else out there with post hip resurfacing advice?

    Much appreciated.


  • hi dave,

    hows goes it???? thought I just have a look to see how you're doing. I,

    've not done much running at all this last year because after a very short distance I get a dull pain round the hip[ area that  stops me in my tracks so I've come to the conclusion my running days maybe at an end.  I first thought that it was because of lack of running but I think its more of a problem than that. hows it going with you ??? waiting to hear.

  • Hi Martin,

    nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear your having a problem with running. I think it takes up to 5 years before things improve, especially the pain. Surgeon told me the pain could stay for up to 10 years or could just go anytime.

    Anyway me?  I do run a lot faster now. Pain comes and goes. Sometimes I can do 6 miles with no pain and sometimes Im in agnoy after just a few miles. I manged 12.5 miles before xmas but only ran it at about 9.5 minute per mile. In that run I didnt get any pain untill I hit 10.5 miles.

    I ran a race called the Chevin Chase on Boxing day (7.2 miles) I did it in 59.20.  So pleased with that as it was mostly off road and my hip was twisting and turning. I do suffer on the downhill road sections. I have had a break from running since Boxing day. Ran a few times but thats all.

    I have taken up 'Snowboarding'! Yep I go snowboarding at xscape at castleford on the indoor snow slope.  Its great and have no problems with my hip while doing it.  I look forward to hitting the slopes in France in the future.

    I cycle to and from work about 3 to 4 times a week. 4 miles each way and that causes my hip no problems. So as you can see Im a bugger for pushing to the limits.

    Im going to start running again next week. I have bought some track spikes so I can do some short sprint work outs.  Bet it sounds like Im going through the middle age crisis! Maybe I am, but Im happy and having fun. I dont think that you should stop because you get a bit of pain, especially if the pain goes away quickly or you dont suffer the next day. Dont give up Martin. get on a bike and cycle, its amazing how strong your legs get and how fit you get.


  • hi dave Nice to hear from you again. It looks like you're enjoying yourself.  your hip doesn't seem to be giving you that much gipp.????? I was thinking about going back to cycling as when I use  to do alot of triathlons  I did  sort of training.  I started club  doing  a local duathlon( various distances )during the summer  months. it's a few years back  but  it is still on the go with folks coming from all over to have a crack on a wednesday night so maybe the short runs and the cycling will be better for me.    I still don't about the London marathon as I suppose I could walk it but I don't know if thats me. always a racer and I can't shake it off.  I hope the venture on the track goes ok      maybe a track star in the making?????cu
  • Hi I'm back on! Was formally 'runagain'. Hope everyone is well. Now retired and livin abroad in Tenerife. Had a few years out of running. Just started again this week.
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