Top of my left leg is sore - any ideas?

Basicaly, when I've been running uphill, or been for a longer run, or not run for a while, I get a soreness in front of my left hip. It isn't in the hip, it's more superficial than that - right at the top of my leg on the front, outer part of my thigh (if that makes sense). It only happens when I run (and not always if I'm on the flat) and doesn't bother me at any other time. It doesn't stop me running, although if I walk and put a hand over where the pain is, I can feel a clicking as if something is getting caught on something else. I can't feel the clicking if I don't have the pain.

 Anyone got any ideas what it could be and what I can do about it? I do have proper shoes btw.


  • mmm....  I'm sure the physios here may be able to help...  my guess would be possibly weak glute on the side where you get the pains perhaps due to different mechanics lower down? 
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