Marathon Schedules

Having successfully used the RW Garmin ready schedule for the NY marathon, I'm now looking towards London, but I'm thinking of trying a different schedule.  Other than the RW ones, the only other ones I've heard much of are the P&D schedules.  Are there any others out there worth looking at?

As I've just finished a marathon, would I be ok to look at just carrying on the way I was, mixing it up as I see fit along the way and not having a specific schedule at all?



    Definitely worth a look.

    Try emailing Shades on the Shades thread too - she has a couple that are really good. Tried and tested!

  • <blockquote>Ive been running for 3 years now and have done 2 marathons 2.45.02+2.43.22 and im totally self trained and have never looked at any specific schedule.My advice would be to follow your own advice and make it up yourself.I feel as long as you get your long runs in as well as do a highish weekly mileage you should be ok.Also one bit of a tip ive found is that dont do your long runs too slow as its too much of a gap to make up compared to running at race pace.imageimageimage
  • My friend and I have just completed the New York Marathon on 2nd November.  The training schedule over 12 weeks suggested we did one session of 22 miles, four sessions of 20 miles, 2 sessions both of 16 and 18 miles for sub 4hrs in the marathon.  We have been running 3 marathons per year and wondered is it necessary to run all these long runs prior to all marathons.  Unfortunately we did not achieve sub 4hrs in the NY marathon due to severe stomach problems and did it in 4.33.  Can anyone advise or suggest a training schedule as my friend is doing London in April.  Thanking you.
  • That sounds like an awful lot of very long runs in twelve weeks IMHO, Maggie......

    Log onto the Shades thread and ask her what you should do next. You've find it under Shades Marathon training....

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