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I used to smoke on and off. My willpower collapsed when I was with other smokers; I did not smoke on my own. Now I am with someone who smokes. We've had a couple of years of constant crisis, and now we're each smoking 20+ a day, starting as soon as we get up. I'm not sure he will be able to stop because he has other issues he needs to deal with first. This afternoon, I made the decision to stop. I'm finding it difficult already when he lights up in front of me. Is there a thread on here for runners who want to stop smoking? Or are there other smokers who want to give up and want to join me here for mutual encouragement?


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    Try here Tehuti - good luck image

  • Thank you very much, Tigerlily! image
  • How about using the fact that smoking increases the chances of dying early as a really good incentive to quit.
  • I quit smoking 2 months ago. It's great! The first 3 days are awful but after that it's not that bad. After a week or so you will feel so much better running. Breathing becomes much easier and once your tastebuds come back if you do relapse and taste what cigarettes realIy taste like you won't want another. I used a Nicorette Inhalor and signed up to Nicorette's free active program. It sends text messages and emails every day to help and encourage you. I found it really helpful.

    I think part of it is to remember if you do relapse don't give up! I have had a few relapses since quitting but I didn't let it affect me. Most people lose hope and resume their habit and that's why they find it so hard.

  • I eventually stopped smoking when I got up to 50 a day and rising.It took many " attempts" but when I finally put my mind to it I managed it.The health issue alone should be all the incentive you need.I,m £4500 better off at todays prices which pays for all my running trips, which includes running abroad six times a year, one of which is in the US.I couldn,t afford this if I was still smoking.

  • I found that using the inhilator made teh difference for me.  On my final and successful attempt then I also made a point of not avoiding the pub for the first month, as that's when your will power is at it's strongest, so delaying teh pub visits until when you're 'cocky' and think you're over the ciggies is a dangerous tactic. 

    Also, it's all a bit naff sounding, but the cessation clinic did help.  OK, the sat around in a circle with a name badge on, and 'hello, my name's Duncan and I'm a smoker' won't be everyone's cup of tea.  However, of the 16 there the first week, then well over half couldn't say the above without having to pause for a breath half way through, and that made me realise just how much I needed to quit. 

    My wife didn't quit until several months later, and not having both of us cranky at the same time was a good thing.  Added to that, when we'd both given up before then as soon as one 'failed' then the other folded too.

  • I'm using the resources on

    I'm going to try cold turkey, because I don't want to be in a situation of later having to give up whatever NRT I use.  I am using the prospect of running better as an incentive. Maybe I can reach my holy grail of a 10-minute mile image

    Krys - Free and Healing for 21 Hours and 44 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 1 Hour, by avoiding the use of 18 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £4.71.

  • i have not smoked for 5 days but i am dreading drinking cause i know when i do my will power will b rubbish!
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