Long compression socks recommendations

I've been having achey calves after a run and recently some calf pain which now has gone so though i'd try a pair.I also am prone to swelling of my ankles so maybe my circulation in that area needs a boost.
Have been looking around and see there are a few makes;

1000 mile
and basic flight socks

Can anyone recommend a pair based on personal experience.
The ones I've been favouring are the X-socks energiser ones but wanted to hear some views before buying.


  • Hi, I have the X socks. They are great. I love the achilles protector on them.

    My husband has a pair and he loves them too.

  • I wear decathlons own I love em, only a tenner too
  • I got some 1000mile ones for Christmas and they're great.

    TBH, there isn't a whole heap of difference between all the mid price options. 

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