Long compression socks recommendations

I've been having achey calves after a run and recently some calf pain which now has gone so though i'd try a pair.I also am prone to swelling of my ankles so maybe my circulation in that area needs a boost.
Have been looking around and see there are a few makes;

1000 mile
and basic flight socks

Can anyone recommend a pair based on personal experience.
The ones I've been favouring are the X-socks energiser ones but wanted to hear some views before buying.


  • I use the X socks energiser after a run and I find them really comfortable and I definately think they help me recover. 
  • I would also recommend X socks.  After a long run (or a race) I use ordinary flight socks.   
  • I'm getting a bit confused.

    Should these long compression socks be used during a run or after a run or both?!
  • either or both I think image
  • I'd much rather go with painful legs than be running round the street as a bloke with long socks on. image
  • i got some nike compression socks. I wore them once, they felt pretty nice but i'm ashamed to say i couldn't take the funny looks and i've never worn them again image
  • I have the nike and yes they are comfotable,i find they do help aching a little,i will only wear them with tights,i would never wear them with shorts.
  • 1000 mile get fantastic reviews. Have just bought some, will let you know how it goes.
  • X-socks for me, wore them at a HM recently and found them to really support the calfs. Plus the calfs didn't feel stiff or sore the next day...........

  • did they help with your running GOM ?

  • Well I was just outside my PB, so with the amount of running I have done of late, then yeah they did.......

    Oh you mean for when I do my next IM. Well we'll have to wait and see image

  • I've got a pair of x-socks and 1000 mile.     I think the 1000 mile are better as they are tighter around the calf.  
  • I have worn Nike and X Socks.

     X Socks were by far the best...

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