Mizuno Wave Alchemy 6

I wonder if anyone can advise me re the above running shoes.  After half an hour in a specialist chain and treadmill gait analysis I left with the above - cost £75.00 - however after much searching on the internet I could not find any reviews or suppliers, until I found the reviews here.  However it appears the shoes are 2 years old and discontinued.  Have I been ripped off?  I usually pay half price for something which came out 2 years ago and wondered should the same apply here?  Is there a possibility the condition can deterioriate so they won't be as good as new?  Shall I ask for my money back and spend the money on a more up to date shoe?  Or am I being pernickety?  I have been running 18 months and have run 2 half marathons a number of 10s and 10ks and want a good pair of running shoes!!! 


  • NS - if you're not happy with your purchase and haven't worn them outside, take them back and either swop them for something else or ask for a full refund - just explain you've made a mistake - you thought the shoe was neutral but it's a support shoe.....image

    I think this shoe was 2006 - 2007 and I have seen them much cheaper on line - £39.99 as opposed to their RRP of £74.99.  I don't think the shoes condition deteriorates until you've used them for 100 miles or so!  And I've never used this shoe, though Mizuno do have a good name and I've a couple of running friends who always use Mizuno's.

    As to being "ripped off", unfortunately it's the shops decision as to what price they have their products at and ultimately your decision whether to buy or not - why did you decide to change the model of your shoe?  Was it discontinued?  A decent shop should swop or refund though and I think that if you are within a certain timespan they have to refund if you are not satisfied, though if you no longer have the receipt you may have to settle for a swop.  I'm not well up on retail law.

    Good luck

  • Mizuno had problems with the early versions of 'dynamotion fit' - not sure whether this applies to Wave Alchemy or not.  If they do have an elasticated side panel on the outside, I would definitely take them back as likely to cause you problems/pain in foot.  New versions of shoes like Wave Creation still have dynamotion but without the elasticated panel; when they applied dynamotion to Wave Precisions Mizuno left out elasticated bit from the start (allows shoe to collapse in a way  it certainly shouldn't and not surprised Mizuno changed it quickly).

  • I wear the Muzuno Wave Inspire 4 and they are great.Great support but light and very comfortable.

    It seems Muzuno have finally got the design right.
  • I have a pair of Wave Alchemy 6 trainers and they were my first pair. I got them 2 years ago. They were really comfy and had no problems with them at all. But I would expect them to be cheaper nowadays. I paid about £70 for them 2 years ago. I got the Wave Inspire 4 last year and again very comfy hence why i have stuck with Mizuno.

    From what you have said you could definitely get a better, more up to date pair for a better price. You are obviously not 100% happy with your purchase so I'd take them back.

  • Hi, many thanks for your helpful posts much appreciated.  I think I will end up taking them back although I will have to be quick as I need some proper new ones! 

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