Monday 10th November

 and I must be on my way


Can't believe I'm first on

What 8 miles steady

Why mileage building


  • Where is everyone?

    Just read back, so here are my 'well dones'

    Gobi - Happy birthday for yesterday, well done on Saturday
    Stickless - well done on the run and the boat stuffing. I remember times when 6 miles for you was out of the question.
    Wabo - Great time at Stebbing. Well done on the PB.
    MikeS - bad luck in yiour race. Sometimes things just don't go the way you planned.
    NZC - two tough track races at the same meet? Is that normal?
    Wardi - well done on the X-C. All our X-C courses seem much soggier than usual as well. I have two meets next weekend which should be interesting.

  • Very quiet this morning.   Didn't get too much training done last week - a couple of 5 milers the second of which I did slow/fast/slow/fast/slow miles - was doing the faster miles at 6.30 and 6.44 which I reckon was about 5k pace effort.    Left calf was a bit sore after that so rested til Saturday when it turned out I couldn't get out, then on Sunday I'd planned a half marathon distance run but ended up having to run at about 4pm by which time it was chucking it down and only did 8 miles and even then I could feel my calf.    Did one bike ride on Tuesday which is the only riding I've been doing for the last 5-6 weeks now.   Probably rest it today as really don't want an injury - need new shoes too as my only trainers are right down through the rubber on the sole in places.

  • Morning folks.

    A quiet weekend on the thread.

    Gobi - an excellent performance on what sounds a tough course. I think Lucy Colquhoun was just a few minutes behind you...she's also reported that it was a tough outing.

    Wabo - well done on the unexpected PB.

    After an easy 30mins on Friday morning I headed out on Saturday with a group of clubmates for a most pleasant 14 miler. A pretty hilly route, but we kept the pace ticking along, to get round in 1hr 41mins. Felt good.

    Weather was shocking yesterday morning, so decided to have a rest day. Was well pleased with my decision as the weather worsened through the day!

    For today...

    What: lunchtime - 5 or 6 easy miles, pm - club session (about 9 miles including 6 x 5mins with 90secs jog recoveries)
    Why: lunchtime - aerobic mileage, pm - aerobic endurance

    Have a great day.
  • Moroning!

    NZC - Defo counting Abo as a race rather than a training run.

    A month to go to your half, popsider - how's the return to run racing going? And how old are those trainers!

    • What: 2km swim d&d, will run later
    • Why: I know the lyrics aren't s&garfunkel but you got me humming about the touch of snow on the ground now!

    Walking along in the rain yesterday and Jo Pavey ran the other way in lots of wet weather gear and (shock horror) normal socks on!

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Thanks Podro, was just browsing for some lyrics to start the thread with...
    Congrats to the weekend xc-ers: Michael (x2), Mike & Wardi. Nice track work NZC, super work for a pb Wabo, good running stickless and another great run from Gobi, happy Birthday too!! Sounds a nice trip DM, and glad the send off went well.
    For me, couldn't make the Goodwood xc, so instead did 14.5 miles with a couple of friends, felt pretty comfortable. Was hoping to do Todays Runner xc  off the A3 at Petersfield yesterday but events conspired against me - family illness, nothing serious - so had to resort to a sharpish 7miles over the fields to recreate that 'caked in mud' feel as I couldnt get away with much more than an hour outside....

    Today - 4 easy
    Why - usual Monday

  • Gobi, an outstanding run - well done - 100k is way way toooo far without having hills added

    Wabo - great PB,  must be a good feeling !

    Wardi - wet wet wet eh ?

    Feeling great today - 9 miler gentle yesterday and swim thing tonight with maybe a lunchtime sog (jog in the wet) to ease out muscles after a sports massage yesterday.

    My thoughts are now turning south .... 5 continents and the N Pole done so just Latin America and Antarctica to do.  I am raising funds for Leukaemia Research and here is my justgiving page in case anyone is interested.

  • Morning all.

    MG - good news re: Hants. How did the Seniors do?

    stickless - what's the reasoning behind the change in running form / what was wrong with how you were running before?

    wabo - well done on the 10miler/pb. Sounds like there's loads more to come off of it too.

    sharkie - we all have bad days. Don't dwell on it, just mark it down as one of those things and forget about it.

    MikeS - as per sharkie! Chin up.

    clink - that pace deficit will come back to you quite quickly. Plenty of fat to lose. Attention to detail would even more be handy if CNBA didn't get in the way occasionally.....

    NZC - a 3000m and an 800m? Ouch! Both way too short and painful for me to have any desire to try again. Well done!

    Wardi - well done on the xc.

    What: An easy 23m d&d (got drenched) / core shortly and 6-7 pm (hopefully on my new treadie which should be arriving in the next few hours image ).

    Why: Base.

    Last hard: Friday.

    Last rest: Sunday 2nd.

    Lyrics: Nope.

  • Morning all,

    DM - sounds a fun project, I remember your N Pole run!

    What: Easy 6

    Why: easy start to the week.

    Last Hard: 2 days

    Lyrics: nope

    Have a great day

  • Afternoon,

    Not been around for a few days - v busy.  However, have been running still.  Did 5.5M (7.50 pace) on Saturday and 12M (8.30 pace) yesterday.  Happy with both those.

    Was planning a lunch time run today, but it is raining cats and dogs out there.  Will wait until I get home (where my waterproof jacket is) and go out then (whatever the weather).

  • Morning all,

    lyrics yesterday were They Might Be Giants, Whistling in the Dark, courtesy of Sean.

    Gobi, happy birthday for yesterday! Hope you had fun walking around Rome.

    DM, thoughts with you at this hard time. I'm glad you have this amazing series to work on. 

    What: 2k easy swim
    Why: recovery
    Last hard: Sat
    Last rest: 20 October

    Good runnings all.

  • morning all

    Well done Gobi and belated happy birthday to you.

    I really only skimmed yesterday's thread so can't comment on much. 

    I am very disappointed that my 'streak' ended yesterday and I had a rest day.  The last few days caught up with me combined with too much happy juice and not enough sleep on saturday night.  I just couldn't face it.

    The fireworks were great.  First a torch light procession up the high street to Sevenoaks School where a huge firework display took place.  The procession was great - masses and masses of people holding flaming torches. 

    As for today

    What: 4 miles done this morning at a fair old clip
    Why: because - let's see how long this streak can last
    Last hard: bits of today
    Last rest: yesterday

    Right, I must head off and continue to induct my new assistant into the weird and wonderful ways of our organisation....I hope she comes back tomorrow image

  • What: 14.1 mile hilly run
    Why: feel guilty i not running for 3 weeks
    Last hard: Amsterdam marathon 3 weeks ago
    Last rest: Last 3 weeks image

    Cheers Pug image

  • Afternoon all,

    MG:  Bit of an XC fiend by the sounds of things.  Nice work in atrocious weather. 

    40:  Good news on the achillies. 

    stickless:  I'm aiming to look like the guy in the centre

    Wabo:  Looks like he regular running is paying off; well done on the PB.

    MikeS:  I think you under-estimate the efect of the conditions; but you'll bounce back,

    NZC:  Nice work at the track.

    Wardi:  Ah!  Mellotrons!.  I read somewhere that someone is making them again, as digital technology can't match the authentic sound. 

     I don't know whose spreading all these rumours about my ascending stars, and being full of energy and vitality.  Stop it at once!  I'm still the man who's made existential angst an art form

    • What:  10m with 10x100m strides.  I see the "Character Building" weather has descended upon us. 
    • Why:  Recovery and Speed
    • Last Hard:  Thursday
    • Last Rest:  110 days

    Have a good one!

  • i think, therefore i angst? 

    i thought mellotrons were something to do with big ladies, you live and learn

    wow, NZC turning up the heat now the marathon pressure is off. yes you can !

    pug i'm sure i read somewhere that you'd retired, seems a pretty active retirement image

    25 mins skipping around the soggy field at lunchtime for me, good practise for the weekend

  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭

    mava I had an enforced rest day on sat, no worries it happens

    WHat: 2.25 rec run this morning

    why: get 10 mile sout of my legs

    last hard: yesterday

    last easy: sat

    off for sports massage later, much needed

    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • WaboWabo ✭✭✭
    af, I think you are right because I would not say I have trained for 10 miles so something must be going right!
    possunt quia posse videntur - we can because we know we can 
  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    AF/Wardi - the first time I heard the mellotron was on "Knights in White Satin" by the Moody Blues. An oother weird instrument was the Moog synthesisor (sic) but favorite is the Clavioline, the squawky little thing used on Telstar!

    I'm another avid weather watcher - tomorrows 4x1M has already moved to Wednesday. Long intervals out on the windswept flatlands may be charactor building, but they don't do much for the old self esteeme.
  • AF - That's Jack Ralston from NZ in the middle. Couldn't believe my eyes - where did you get that pic from?

    Clink - yes this old girl doesn't know what's good for her! Thought, tried in the marathon, now try at the other end of the spectrum. Would really like to run a good 1500m again, but guess I'd have to train for it. I've lost any speed that I used to have.

    Podro/Tipp Top - My husband agrees, he says it's stupid making vets do two tracks races as he said that I'd h only have done one as a senior. It is a way to get the middle distance runners to stay and watch the sprints and field events. They have one event as the first event and one as the last. To qualify for this special "Ernie Haskell" trophy you have to do two. It doesn't matter if you finish first or last in the race, the person who has the best age-graded time over 3 separate meetings is the winner, be they male or female.

    Wabo - congrats on the PB!

    What: 3 miles easy - no go.

    Good running everyone.

  • evening

    even better than you thought Wabo - congratulations, hope massage is not too painful

    what: 5.5 miles run at lunchtime at work.....38.17 .
    why: taking younger son to indoor cricket training this evening

    distinctly chilly out there & lots more "character building" days to come alas.

    Yep I'd read of Pug's retirement as well....then spotted his name earlier this evening amongst the list of entrants for the Helsby 4 Villages half in January. Maybe I've misunderstood the meaning of the word all these years......

  • Hi folks. Just back from a w/e at my mum's.  Not sure about this ' running in the countryside' malarkey. Well its only just outside London, but very few streetlights, and very few pavements.   I didn't want to run off road this w/e, partly because it would have been really muddy, and partly cos I wanted a more marathon specific long run, so that made for a couple of 'interesting' excusions - On Saturday evening in pouring rain and pitch dark by the time I was finishing,  having to run as near the edge of the road as poss whenever a car approached which meant splashing throught he rainwatere pouring down the gutter, and then yesterday on my 20ml route one busy main road which I assumed would have a pavement didn't, so only about 2mls along it but a bit scarey running towards cars racing along at 70mph++.  Back to civilization of lights and pavements now.

    I've glanced back so apologies for anything vital I've missed, but

    Gobi, well done on the PB and happy birthday

    And Wabo, a PB, too

    Scobos, I didn't have you down as someone who would be put off by a bit of weather,!

    NZC, Podro, Tipptop our Vets T&F league always have the 800m and 3000 m on the same evening, then 400 & 1500m the alternate month.  Of course it isn't compulsory to do them both !  ... or at least it wouldn't be if the club had a few more runners

    What: 4ml easy
    Why;  a recovery day before a mega week

  • Evening all.

    What:  3 miles easy
    Why:  2 seemed OK a couple of days ago.

    So that will be 4 on Wednesday, and about 30 on Christmas day...

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