Bolsover - Mizuno 10K

got my number last week who else is in


  • I'm not doing it, but a warning for those who want to but are not yet entered.

    Enter very quickly as this race always fills up (if it isn't already full by the time you read this).

  • dont think its full yet but you are right always gets full beffore closeing date
  • hi

    got confirmation im in this run

    need to train now


  • if you havent done it beffore its a good race you will enjoy

    thought this thread was dead and gone

  • Race number in post yesterday, nice. My last race was...........Bolsover 10K 2007!

  • Yipeeeee i am in!  Got to collect my number on the day as i have entered late.

    Done this last year and i really enjoyed it.

  • was beginning to wish I hadn't entered this as it falls after a Christmas party.  However, I now realise I am lucky to have a number and will stop complaining!
  • Hi everyone, can you enter the Bolsover on-line

  • Hi Garry

    I can't find any link to online entry but I think that it might be full anyway.

    You could email Mr Sinnott the race director (address available by clicking on the Bolsover - Mizuno 10K bit in the heading) and ask him, but at this late stage I wouldn't hold out any real hope if I were you.

  • Hi folks, have entered and name is on website list but not had number, should I be concerned or could it be a bit early yet?

    Happy training in this lovely weather!

  • still no number.....
  • Dont panic, when i registered online i recived and email to collect number on the day from the school.
  • Cheers Louise, that's good news


  • Hey im running this, ive just recovered from injury and finished Fizz so i now cant wait. Did this last year and its a great little course i may add.
  • Hi there, hope you are all set. Just a question, on entry form it said it was a 10.30 start but on North Derbyshire Running Club site it says its a 9.30 start. Anybody got clarification about this??



  • race pack says 10.30 so if every one turns up at that time and the organisers start at 9.30  we will all get a time of over 1 hour image Im sticking with 10.30
  • Cheers Foofighter, all the best for tomorrowimage
  • thats ok Rabbit at least if it dose start at 9.30 we will be at the back together

    good luck for tomorrow 

  • So will i. I believe the website is wrong. Im sure everyone will be turning up around 10 so dont worry. Im not leaving the house till 9.30. Good luck everyone, will look out for you foo.
  • On the entry form you filled in it says 10.30, its 10.30 on the info sheets, no panic

  • i got 10-30 also


  • are you going to waer your fetch top DM ?  I will be in the club vest ( sheffield running club )

  • How did it go folks? Great race but blumming heck, it were cold! Enjoying a beer now ..image
  • great race think I was 11 sec off a PB but will have to see what time i got  It was cold but at least it stoped raining
  • Very sad as i was unable to run, managed to pick up a cold from work and so found it impossible to breathe.  Dont think it would have been a good idea to run image

    I stayed in bed and was lovely and warm, but i would have been happier and cold running.  Next year i will be staying away from verybody who has a cold.

     Hope you all enjoyed it image

  • Sorry to hear that Louise I also got a cold from work three days beffore the run but becouse im stubern and didnt want to miss out on the last 10k of the year for me ran it anyway  

  • Glad you still done it foofighter.  I wish i did run it as it was really good last year, and not to mentione i have missed out on the t-shirt to add to my collection image.  Will need to look for a run to start the new year image

    I blame not haveing the flu jab this year.  Had it last year and didnt get a single cold - well at least i know it worked for me!

  • My cold wasnt realy that bad just a bit of a cough and a runny nose ( but dont let the wife know image nurse )
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