First Half Marathon - Edinburgh??

I was looking for some advice on my first half marathon which I am hoping to complete in the spring of 2009. I have strated to take my running reasonably seriously in order to lose a bit of weight since spring 2008. I am now running up to 10 miles in a time of around 78 mins fairly comfortably and feel the time has come to take on a half marathon. I live in the North-East and the obvious one would be to wait for next years GNR but I am keen to take part in one that isn't such a big event. My target would be to run around the 1h40/1h45 mark and have seen that Edinburgh has their half marathon next April. If anyone has taken part in this event please could you advise if it would be a suitable event for me to start with and if not could you recommend an event in the North-East/Scotland that may be more suitable.


  • Just thought I would bring it to the top since no-one has offered me any advice yet!!
  • Warbs2000,  I completed my first half marathon at the 2008 event. Fantastic day, loads of support along the route, well organised and a nice flat run. I think that the course has a different starting place for 2009 but I am sure this will not alter the experience. I am also hoping to run in 2009 assuming my recovery from a ruptured achilles goes according to plan

    Hope to see you there!!

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