Tadworth 10



  • That gives us an idea for next year's goody bag then? We had a change of direction in that department this year - any comments?
  • Yes,  the tyvek running top (2001?), gloves, towel, beanie and shoe bag from recent years were great. Didn't do '02 or '03, so can't comment on what was handed out then.

    The bumbag was.....well........?#£$%&*

    The nutrients and bottle provided by this year's sponser were fine too and I'd be more than happy to see a repeat of them (or the Gore windstopper running top referred to in the message at the beginning of this thread).

     Have you done socks yet?

  • Thanks for that Snoop Dogg. We recall how much you liked the bum bag from last year. 

    Yeahh we thought of socks, working from the head down (moving swiftly over areas in the general lower waist area) but whereas the "magic" gloves were one size we saw lots of complications with men's/ladies' socks and sizes within them. We tried one source but the quality was no good enough for a running sock..

    The Tyvek top has been popular - I'm sure I still see the odd runner wearing one of the 1990's version. Not that us runners are mean bunch .....

  • Yes, you can never please everyone. Some want medals, some want T shirts.

     We've also seen plastic encased minature athletics figures, shot glasses and horse brasses as well at some races, but I think you beat the lot in terms of original thought - who wants yet another cotton t-shirt these days? 

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