looking for a positive story

Can anyone tell me if they successfully run with fibromyalgia?


  • yes i run all the time and if i didn't run i would be very ill physically and mentally. x
  • My Mum has fibromyagia, she's in her sixty's and although she doesn't run she does exercise regularly (sarock dancing). She does over do it now and again but she manages her energy very carefullly by taking afternoon sleeps/deep relaxation for 2 hours. She also uses some sort of electrical muscle stimulator.

    It seems to take a lot of practice to judge the right amount to do and she often gets it wrong and over does things. Hope that helps?

  • Yes i have to manage my with naps and heated blankets and hot water bottles too, you kind of pay for the exercise a few hours later. The joys aye? I have had it for 28 years. Big hugs to your mum from one fibro to another. xx
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