Gait Analysis

Hi Does anyone know of anywhere in the north east or there abouts who do gait analysis? i live in Newcastle area. has anyone had their gait checked professionally? was it a benefit, i always thought i over-pronated, I wear orthotics with stability type shoes, looking into it i think the combination might be making me go too far the other way, although my neutral shoes show wear on outside edge, front of toes and heel area as well, I still wore orthotics with them. perhaps my orthotics are wrong?

i think i need some professional help!


  • I wear orthotics as well and podiatrist insists I run in neutral shoes as orthotic won't function properly otherwise.  However, other forumnites do use orthotics with stability/support shoes so may depend from case to case.  On gait analysis, you really need a podiatrist to assess this properly, especially as you already use orthotics and are unsure whether shoe type is correct.  There's a lot of clever marketing with treadmills and footscans; however treadmill alters gait anyway and a sales assistant in a running shop is not properly qualified to assess this (some shops do offer links to a podiatrist). 
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