Hamburg Marathon 2009

Anybody doing this? Same day as FLM so can use same build up races, flat so good pb potential and no doubt well organised!

I have entered and booked hotel etc


  • Did it last year, amazing event - not as flat as you think, the last mile is a steady drag but well organised, unbelievable support, great expo etc.....and free beer when you finish. image

    Be prepared - it was the hottest day in april in Hamburg for about a century last year and I suffered. By the end of the day my sunburnt face and head had already started to peel.

    Great city as well. Not doing it this year as I'm going to Germany later on for the Ironman. But I hope to be back one year to do it again.

    Good luck.

  • Boing.

     Anybody else entered this since? Got my confirmation/registration slip emailed last week which seems a much better method than posting them out at what must be a considerable cost.

  • I am doing this marathon , I thought email confirmation method was very efficent too .
  • Hows the training going Kevin? Only 9 days to go now and this is my first marathon in another country (unless you count Scotland). Can't wait!
  • Hi ,

    I am sure you will enjoy the experience , when are you flying out ? .

    I ran a half as way of prep at Watford in January , which went well , although it was very cold, I have trained steadily since then , although I did have a holiday in Feb/Mar , South Africa wasn't the easiest place to train , temperatures hitting the forties and having to run along the hard shoulder of the highway .

    Since then I have concentrated on doing just two runs a week , the shorter run being ten miles , I did a decent 20 mile run two weeks ago , I  picked up a slight abductor strain in the run after that , so I have been taking it easy , off to physio on Monday to rid of the little aches and strains .

     Apart from the little recent setback tapering , I am quite happy how I am coming into the race , when I ran Berlin last year , I picked up an injury in July and only managed to get back runing a month before the race training once a week , so compared to then I am really looking forward to the race .

    How has your training been ? 

  • Flying out on Friday and back on the Monday.

    Training gobe pretty well. No injuries or niggles at all and been runnig 4 times a week all year having come of a December marathon as well. Did two halfs in build up, the last one being Reading and although no pb's I'm within the target area for my intended time.

    Got one final long run this morning, a 12 miler at race pace, and then its feet up time practically.

  • Fido2DogsFido2Dogs ✭✭✭
    Another 1 4 Hbg here!
  • Hi F2D, welcome on board! Hows your training gone, already for the big day?
  • i'm in too - flying out tomorrow to make a weekend of it, but really looking forward Sunday.
  • I have a similar plan, flying out Friday and back on Monday to make a weekend of it.

    One more day of work to get out of the way!

  • Finished in 3.11. Was hoping for a sub 3 and went through half way in 1.28.06 so bit dissapointed. The wheels really came of at 34K and it was a slog from there. Did enjoy teh experience though, crowd are great and love the idea of having everybodys name on the numbers; London take note!

    One gripe, no drinks till 5k. Imagine they do this to stop bunching and maybe it was in the notes but I thik thats a bad idea and potentially dangerous on a hot one like today.

    Hope you all had a good time and hit your targets image 

  • 3.11 was still a good time , I was hoping to do 3.40 , but an injury I picked up a few weeks ago , hampered me for the 2nd half of the race , which meant I had to take a steady as I go approach to 2nd half coming home in 4.04 ,after reaching halfway at 1.53 ,

    I don't remember Berlin having any drinks before 5km either , I agree it was warm , I remember we passed a clock with temperature reading at 10.20 and the temperature was 64 by then . 

    The crowds were superb , all though I do remember  thinking I don't want to hear a frog horn for few months

    I too though the size of the names of the numbers did make a big difference as the crowd really got behind you

  • I'm glad everyone missed their primary targets - I wanted to go sun 3:30 but did 3:35 but was really happy with that given the temperature. By 32k I was really struggling and saw some people in a real bad state.

     I thought it was pretty well organised and the support coming up the last 2k was fantastic - the electrolite drink was a welcome sight too - I don't think Berlin had that or drinks before 5k either.

     Anyway I'd recommend this to anyone who doesn't get a place in London next year!

  • Well done to you both, not the easiest of days and not surprised by that 64 reading at 10.20. I was thinking at 8.45 that it was going to be a warm one as I didn't even bother with a bin liner to stay warm before teh start.

    Interesting what you say about teh drinks at berlin as well, obviously how they do things in Germany. Ironically I normally carry two 500ml bottles with me and don't use the stations at all. Will revert back to plan A next time!

    And would definately recomend to others as a London alternative.

  • Interested to read your posts on Hamburg - I thoroughly enjoyed it (albeit at 4.18 taking an hour longer than some of you other posters!).   The plentiful drinks were very welcome and it was generally a well organised, well supported event.  Anyone know what the actual temperature reached on the day?  I did London in 2007, which I think was the hottest on record but found Hamburg even warmer!   
  • Fido2DogsFido2Dogs ✭✭✭

    Another 4:18-er on here, G McM, but 4 mins shaved off the PB so I was pleased with that!

    Names on bibs (what a lot of Florians, Ralfs and Hans-Juergens!) great, beer at end, top. Weather just a bit too warm - could really have done without that - but by all accounts it was even worse back in Blighty!

    Mystery: the blokes who cross the start line and then go pee. Guys - chip timing? Toilets either side of start pens? Hello?

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