Things are certainly looking up!

After a dismal week last week, I took it easy over the w/e. did 2 nice steady 5 milers and then today did 10. I started of nice and slow, but managed the lot in a very comfortable pb! I also did it as a 6 lap trot so I could study my splits.... They were all about the same, except the second to last one was a minute faster!!!

Now seriously thinking (if its a 'good day') to go for the 1:40... I'll keep you posted!


  • I'm seriously thinking of having a fiver on you cracking it young man.

    Keep us posted...
  • Spread bet on the cards here
    Jon to break 1.40
    Jon to have new mizunos named after him.

    Should get very rich.
  • Jon - you will romp home inside the 40 no worries !

    After you've cracked Mizuno - how about speaking to Peugeot - what's with all those cars being numbers ? Too confusing. But call a car a Jon, and they've got a ready made market !
    Actually this would work for Rover and BMW too. Maybe speak to them and you'll get a free one ? (and as you live in the big city - I'd look after it for you 'cos I'm nice, and your streets are crowded enough anyway)

  • Ullo Jon got a new motor?
  • I have this picture of you running off into the distance at Windsor. Might have a word with Snoop about dropping you off five miles away so you can get some more training in beforehand. That should slow you down

    Keep it up youngster.
  • Jon
    Time for an update.
  • Yes Jon, time for you to update your target time, got you down for 142:29 at the moment but its looking good for quicker than that, I reckon you will do sub 1:40 also, how about changing your target then..............
  • I think I will be changing my target time! Went for another 10 miler an comfortably stayed within 8 mph! Got home, had a glass of wine whilst watching the end of Bargain Hunt (Cheap as Chips) and fell asleep for 12 hours!!!

    Woke up this morning at 08:55 and was only 20 mins late for work!!!

    My legs ache a bit, but I'll be alright. From now on tempted to keep mileage down and chill out 'til the big day... Good idea?
  • Great work John. I'd be taking it easy now.
    Definitely sub 40 for you young man.
    (especially if those nurses are behind you)
  • We'll be there....
    with the hypodermic....
  • Ta Cougie! Feeling good except for the leg aches (especially right knee) so I will take it easy methinks...

    Thanks alll for your support!

  • Ha!
    Fooled ya into a running related post.
  • Do not do it again... I'll get the NURSES onto you!
  • hehehehehehehehe
  • Working with kids obviously has some kind of effect on you doesn't it?

    I'm really starting to worry about you sir!
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