Middle Back Muscle Pain

I am suffering from pain in my middle back on one side just 5" below the bottom of my shoulder blade.

It feels very much like a pulled muscle and it appeared the day after a 45 minute run, (I only normally run 30 mins at a time).  This has now happened twice.

Is this something to do with how I hold my arms? Is this normal?

I hold my hands roughly at sternum height.


  • Sounds just like a proper muscle spasm. Could be caused by a number of things one of which could be posture. If you were running tired and leaning forward a lot more, the combination of that and heavier, perhaps more laboured breathing as a result of running 50% further than you would do normally could easily result in extra strain on your back muscles, and a spasm.

    It could just as equally be caused by a more fundamental weakness in your core stability which you need to work on to strengthen your spine.

    The pain would more than likely be from either your little breathing muscles between the ribs or from trapezius which is a sort of triangular set of muscles that run up your spine, across your shoulders and back down around your shoulder blade.

    Best advice in the short term is keep it warm, gently stretch and get in for some physio pronto!!

    Best of luck .....  

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    I've read somewhere that hamstring stretches can ease middle back discomfort, but I'm no doctor.  image

  • Thword 'spasm' would explaine the symptoms, or more the aching you get after a bad spasm.  And I was ruuning with my weight slightly forward so you may have hit the nail on the head.

    How long would you suggest I keep off running temporary.

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Try relaxing your shoulders more when running, this will help not only the trapezius as mentioned above but also the relax the muscles that wrap around the middle back and make breathing easier.

    The pain could be from lower trapezius or erector spinae which runs up each side of the spine.  Try some cat streches (google if you don't know what I mean) or see a Bowen therapist if the pain continues.

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  • This is where the pain is.

    Latissiums Dorsi area.

    RE Running with your shoulders relaxed..  I have tried this but it feel unnatural, is this normal?

    PS Thanks for all the help.

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