For the first time in ages, I had a really good run with my club last night, apart from at the last moment when we were heading back and I decided to have some water and took down an air bubble and ended up being sick, but I still carried on. My energy levels are rising and I am feeling much stronger. It just goes to show you that if you perservere with these things then it can improve. I still have a long way to go and still struggling with other areas in my life, but I just wanted to say that your body does adapt. I do have a bit more renewed hope now after thinking that I may give up running at one point and I know I'm never going to be anyone that wins a race or is speedy. I still find it hard to cope with my ED, but I know that I can only grow stronger each day.


  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭

    Well done Turtlegirl.  Glad you had a good run and good luck with the ED.


  • Good on you, lass!

  • Well done TG.
    There's nothing like running to teach you the importance of fuelling properly. On the other hand, there's nothing like running to burn it all off again..... image

    Enjoy yourself.
  • Well done Turtlegirl, good luck wth everything.

    You'll still have bad runs from time to time as we all do -don't let them get you down.

  • Well done Turtlegirl, with any luck the good runs will out number the bad runs and you'll be forcing your way up the pack before long.  Keep up the good work, you are doing brilliantly. image
  • Well done turtlegirl.  Hopefully the feeling of wellbeing that you get from running will creep into other areas of your life too.image
  • here here Kosie!!
  • Glad to hear the run went well.

     How have you adapted your eating to suit running?

  • Just- its still a struggle, but I'm really pushing myself even when I don't want to eat. Also running has increased my appetite.
  • ditch that hot chocolate TG and drink wine - you'll get really hungry about midway through a bottle!

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