Pirate Kit - who designs?

Pirates, I've some how got myself roped in to helping look at the design of my club tri kit image and wondered if you could give me some advise on who designed & supplied yours,

I appreciate that I am posting this on Friday after & may have to boing it on Monday to get a sensible reply.

Mitts image


  • Kit was designed by a proper designer, ace triathelete and sometime pirate  RichM (who has not been about much recently).  It's manufactured by Louis Garneau in Canada- you can go onto their website and download templates onto which you can then put your logos or whatever.  I can't remember how the design was eventually sent over to them but IIRC it involved a not run of the mill computer file format (things may have moved on since then).
  • it was a collective effort of a few Mitts......

    the logo started with Candy adopting it for his 1st IM - it then got picked up and suggested as a kit design - RichM (a graphic designer) knocked the design out - the kit was chosen based on recommendation - the colour was suggested based on the Tour de France yellow jersey

    the rest is history

    so if you need a camel designing when you want a horse - we are the guys....... image

  • Thanks image

    The club had the current design done year ago, by someone who claims to have been but may not be a graphic designer!!

    We've had a new design done by a friend of mine (who does graphic design for motor racing & football). Trying to get agreement from people in the club is blooming hard though!!

    Supplier is the next problem for us. The current kit we have isn't great quality so we're going to see if they offer another make of suit. But I want to contact new suppliers too, so I'll have look at Louis.

  • LG isn't cheap and they have minimum numbers for each order which can be a pain if someone wants something a bit different, so you may need to limit the style choices. good kit though and very comfortable in use
  • mitten

    here is the original kit thread, makes funny reading, esp FB and the "Monsters of Cock"

    Original Kit Thread

  • good find SA

    LOL - I'd quite forgotten about the Monsters of Cock.....

  • Thanks........ I'll read some of the thread. But I'm thinking it's going to be a scan read image

    I'm going to try & not get disheartened by it all with my lot, but it's not becoming unpopular trying to sort something like this out.

  • my club has had real problems getting kit sorted due to design and production issues image now looking else where. IMHO i was told that impsport werent great for our club but i have heard that other clubs have been sorted well by them.

    it could have been our kit man mind, but then again it could not have good luck i dont envy your job to be honest image

  • Do what we do and let the wonderful Lindi sort it all out for you ! image

  • Thanks again everyone.

    It's turning out to be a nightmare image

  • Mitten - there are quite a few suppliers around but a lot will ask for quite high minimum orders. LG have just reduced their min order to 12 and they don't charge us a set-up fee. Not sure if they usually charge a set up fee though.

    I'm looking at another supplier for the pirate kit who have sent me some samples and a list of clubs that they supply... but I've left the details at home.

    I'll be carrying the samples round with me for a while and asking whatever pirates I come accross what they think.

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