Bath or Silverstone Half?

After a fairly turbulant year of running I am proud to say that I have somewhat successfully completed my "8 Half Marathon Challenge" and raised lots of money for charity in celebration of the wonderful little Grace and managed a HM 2:16:02 pb. image

Now that my challenge is over I have found that I need a new focus, something to help drag me out of bed on these dark and cold winters mornings at hours so early that even my kids aren't contemplating waking up yet! image

I entered myself into the RW & Lucozade Sport competition to win a place in FLM 2009 to hopefully help me learn how to train efficiently and effectively so I can minimise my risk of illness and injury...something that seems to have plagued me throughout 2008.  image

I now know that my chances of getting a place in the Lucozade Team are well and truely over so I have started a new winter training plan for Bath or Silverstone HM 2009.


  • Not the nicest of weather this morning for a leisurely Sunday run but I guess I need to get used to that pretty quickly as I have 4 months of dark, cold, wet and windy training sessions ahead.   image

    I set out for 6 steady miles and I was feeling good.  At not long after midday there were lots of walkers, joggers and cyclists out and about and most walkers/joggers/runners returned my cheerful greeting as I passed them with all at least nodding their head in acknowledgement.  I wish the same could be said for all the cyclists out there...staring at me as if I was running along naked with a TV balanced on my head, then quickly looking away in an effort to avoid entering into any kind of friendly banter with the wierd smiling runner lady!  What's that all about?  How difficult is it to nod at a fellow human enjoying a bit of exercise and say "good day" with a smile on your face?  image

    That said I had a fab Sunday slow run, which I ended up getting into my stride and sped up slightly more than I should have, completing 6 wet and hilly miles in 1:02:02.  image

    The only, reoccuring problem I seem to have is keeping warm.  I had the same problem at the Bristol Half.  The first 10miles were really comfortable and my temperature was fine but during the last 3miles I was freezing cold.  It really threw me and I wasn't sure of the cause so I didn't know if I shoud speed up or slow down, drink more or drink less???  Today, I was nice and warm for the first couple of miles and then felt really cold again.  I had adequate clothing on in the form of sports bra, tech tee and a running jacket so I am not sure what the cause is?  Any ideas anyone??   image

    I have a busy week ahead this week, club tomorrow night, my only quiet night on Tuesday, running Wednesday, My review at work (with big big boss sitting in as I have expressed that I am ready for some new challenges..) on Thursday and big (messy) works night out on Friday night.  Wish me luck (esp for Thursday) as I think I am going to need it.  image

  • TT76 - nobody wants to join you thread....

    Are you asking which of Bath or Silverstone people would recommend? 

    I'd also like people's views of these races plus Milton Keynes.  I can't find Silverstone on the Events listing so can't get the full picture, plus Bath is pesky subscriber only content 

     I think they're all fairly big & fairly flat but are they as good as advertised?

     Any comments anyone?

  • Hi SBS, Cant comment on Bath or MK, but you can get the details for Silverstone here

     From what i've read, it's a good one as long as it's not tipping it down, as it can be a bit exposed.

  • Hi SBS and Peter,

    I wasn't really asking for peoples recommendations as such although it is always great to hear peoples opinions on races they have completed.  It was more of a question for myself and a thread to chat to others who may be running these races so we can support each other through the months of winter training.

    I have now decided to run Silverstone, mainly due to the horrfic trouble I had parking at Bath last year and the travel arrangements to the start.  Silverstone is slightly closer to me and I would think they have ample parking fairly close to the start??

    I love to hear from anyone else who is training over the winter for a half this spring image

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