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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Tricialitt - I'm not kidding 20 miles on the treadmill is equivilent to about 50 outdoors!  well done.

    Just back from my 20m.  Ran from the coast home.  Average mins per mile: 9.06.  Didn't time every mile but did time the last two: 8:36 and 8:20.  So, again good to finish a bit stronger.  I need to go back for my car now so that will involve a lovely walk on the beach with kids and dog.   Perfect finish!

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Tricia - you must be very tough mentally to do 20 on a treadmill. Great confidence booster for you.

    Minni - Brilliant well paced 20. Sounds like you live in a beautiful part of the country.

    Only 13.5 for me this morning. Hard hilly course in 1:33. It actually felt more like a tempo run than a long run.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    I do live in a really beautiful part of the country and by running I get to really appreciate it.  The coast this morning was stunning: the sea was the bluest I've seen it for ages against  the white sands and little islands with lighthouses dotted around.  Past one of the most famous of castles, then running inland towards the hills, still spotted with snow, with fantastic views all around.  I mean, life doesn't get much better than this.  The simple things are the best. 
  • Yup- don't get to do much outdoors running- don't know why really- am a total wimp about running in the dark (on my own) so do all winter running indoors, - am just venturing outdoors for tempo runs now that it's light in the mornings- so much nicer, even though I'm running in town- will gradually build up the outdoors runs, but I just need the security blanket of all the gym facilities (loo, mainly!!) when i'm doing a very long run!

    This week I have a 16km tempo run, which will be lovely at  1/4 to 7 in the morning!

  • Some great running going on this weekend. Well done, everyone.

    Tricia: Your 20 miler on the tready impresses me even more than Quickstepper's 5:37 miling. How can you bear it? You must have a mind of steel! Wow, my hats off to you.

    Minni: I envy you the scenery. I wish I could run by the sea. It's quiet country roads for me and my long runs. They are okay, but a bit dull and brownish at the moment. I am so looking forward to spring - bring on the birds and flowers!

    JPF: fantastic time for your run. Bet you are feeling pretty smug right now.

    QS: on your earlier question regarding GPS: I do use one on the long runs but never on my short ones coz I run those in London and the GPS gets buggered by all those tall buildings so the gizmos are pretty useless there.

    Only a 13 miler for me today which suited me quite well. We have the builders in at the moment and there's too much cleaning up to do. Brilliant run, though. I felt I could have gone a lot longer even though this was the fastest "long" run so far. Seems like that tempo stuff has finally paid some dividends.
  • Great running everyone! 

    Tricialitt I don't know how you do it!  20 miles on the treadmill???  I struggle to last 30 mins on a treadmill. 

    Tempo run for me later (I was out last night!), 13 done on Friday.  It's funny, the first long run of this schedule was 13 miles and I found it really tough.  The 13 on Friday didn't really feel that long at all and so much more comfortable.   Like schmidtinator I was thinking "long" run!  So perhaps the training is starting to pay off.  Hooray!

  • Hi everyoneimage

    Did my 10 mile race managed 67.45 which i am fairly pleased with as we started quite steady and then at about 8 miles to the finish there was a strong wind in our faces

    .However I am completely washed out now, maybe i am doing too many races and not enough long gentle runs or maybe i am getting too old for this gameimageNo race next weekend but a half marathon in a fortnite so i will concentrate on building up my miles.12 or 13 planned for thursday and maybe 15 next sunday 

    Keep up the good work everyoneimage

  • Well done Tri on your gruelling treadmill 20 miler, a storming 13 miler JPF, chilled enjoyable 20 miler Mini!, looking forward to a short 13 miler Schmid, Lou 13 miles don't seem that long.........I see a common theme here - our commitment and consistent thoughtful running is starting to show real returns.  Or is it that the weather has turned nice and it is easy to get into a positive mind?  probably a bit of both.  Fantastic.  You should all be very proud with your development.image

    18 miles at 6:44 (PMP+30s) with 1335ft ascent - bloody hard 1st 2 miles, early start, no breakfast, uphill against the wind and 45mins biking day before - but I focused and took on the mental challengeimage.  Bit of a headache at end, maybe lingerings of the cold, but my knee length compression socks are fantastic, my calves feel relatively normal unlike usual after a long run (though I do look a prat in them).  Well chuffed but do I have to get up at 6:20 tomorrow to fit in my swimimage?.

  • Mark - sorry our messages crossed.  Give yourself a couple of days off - racing takes alot more out of you than training (even hard training).  There is a running adage "Train to Race not Race to Train" I'd suggest your half mile in a fortnight is the last before the FLM - you can then concentrate on upping your mileage to 18 - 21 mile runs (this length is essential to get you through 26 miles).  Ideally, you need 5 but 2-3 will give you significant returns. The last should be done 3 weeks prior to the race - for us before Easter.  Don't be hard on yourself mentally you are beating your body up like never before.....you can do it.

  • Cheers Quickstepperimage

    I intend taking tommorow and maybe tuesday off .The half in a fortnite is the last proper race but i am doing a 20 miler race [n 4 weeks time but that will be just treated as training run,it will be just nice to try and get through it with lots of other people.Thanks for the encouragementimage

  • Cor, brilliant running everyone image

    20 miles on a treadmill?  My idea of hell on earth.  If I can do 20 mins, I feel I'm doing well!

    I did a 10k today in 53:11, which is 3 mins faster than my aim and 2 mins faster than my 'hope' and spot on my 'not a chance' image  Then we did a horrible extra 35 mins of almost all uphill.  Grusome.

  • Well done Wotsit its always nice to have a pb but to run after a race is hell,I tried today but gave upimage
  • Wotsit - wow nice one, to have achieved that is brilliant - you should be very pleased.

    This must be super Sunday.

  • Hi guys, great running for you all over the weekend and glad illnesses are clearing for you. It wasn't such a super sunday for me - or maybe I'm exaggerating a tad image My scheduled 17 miler turned into JUST 16 miles image  Every step from start to finish was a painful, gruelling slog. It was as if the whole 16 was done uphill into the wind! It was just one of those days. Anyway, I'll add a mile on for wind resistance so I won't beat myself up too much for not going the whole distance.

     Happy running this week!

  • Marathon training on a treadmill - is this really something that is okay to do.  I have always dragged my butt outside but would love to do more of my training in the comfort of the gym and to try and prevent my shinsplints.  Should I put it on a incline?


  • LushLisa - my understanding is that treadmill running can't directly compare to running outside, even if you have it set on a slight incline, because you don't have the variation to take into account.

    Having said that, if doing some treadmill stuff stops shin splints becoming a problem for you, then it sounds like a very sensible plan.  Better to get to the start line healthy and having done all your training, albeit on a treadmill, than to get there sore or injured.

  • LL- there will always be those who say you can't train on a tready- but it's also said that what's-er-name-(??Greta Waitz) did most of her training on a tready, 'cos she lived in the arctic (or near as makes no difference). Yes- it's not the same- but better than nothing. I always run at 1degree incline. and over a long run I tinker with the incline between 0.5 and 2 degrees, to avoid totally identical stresses and strains on the legs all along. I try to run outdoors a bit before a race to toughen up my legs/ feet, but I know that a marathon does a fair bit of damage to my feet, and takes weeks to recover from- IF I trained outdoors, I reckon I wouldn't make it to the start line, but as time goes on, my legs are becoming more resilient, and my tolerance is getting better.

    Do a bit of both, and see what you think.

  • LL - Ouch shinsplints. How many miles a week do you usually run? - shinplints are an overuse injury - rest, ice, compression and anti-inflammatory drugs plus stretching the muscles of the lower legs could help.  Have you checked you are running in the right type of shoes?

    As far as treadies are concerned Tri is da lady who knows - I just get my butt outside!

    Holymoly - good positive view of a less than satisfactory run - tomorrow you'll be back stronger for it.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Can anyone tell me what PMP stands for?  I've noticed on my schedule that I have PMP runs starting in the next couple of weeks and don't know what it means! 

  • ?planned marathon pace?? (least that's what i did)
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I thought that but then there are also MP runs, which must be marathon pace, and I would have thought these where the same?

    Running is so confusing!

  • Minni - the PMP runs are there to start getting your body used to what it feels like at (Planned) Marathon Pace - hence why there are lots of them from now on in......

    I ran my 10m PMP today more like a long tempo pace - ie a bit too quick - would I have been able to do this 9 weeks ago?

    Off to watch the rugby (France v Wales) more as a spectacle than supporting either team - sorry Mark

  • Its ok Quickstepper as i am actually English but still supports Wales as long as they are not playing Englandimage It was a cracking game ,i found myself getting closer to the screen as the match went on.

    Back to running I have not run since tuesday when i done an easy 5 miler but afterwards my hamstring was just a bit sore so have had a nice rest and will hopefully do a gentle 14 or 15 on sunday. Feeling better for the rest maybe i should not have done 2 long races on 2 weekends. 

  • Well I decided to do my long run tonite,managed a steady 15 miles at 7.50 pace so well chuffed and it was fairly hilly. Also 15 miles is the furthest i have ever runimage 
  • Mark - What a cracking game France v Wales was - the same certainly can't be said for the Ireland v England match?  Martin Johnson looked like he'd be cracking a few heads in the changing room afterwards - quite rightly too.....dire.

    Well done on the 15m running front - not surprising you are pleased if this is the longest you've ever run - psychologically it is important.

    I had quite a bit of good advice today at a gait analysis workshop in the local Tri-Uk store - it seems my pronation is too great to risk using my racing shoes for the marathon.  The increase in weight of 150g of my normal structured shoes will apparently give me much needed supported - if a little less speed.....Also I have been informed it is best to do long runs WITHOUT taking gels to increase the glycogen development by your body (Other than for your race practice long run)...food for thought!image

    I'm scheduled a 15m at PMP+20sec tomorrow - and I will be leaving the gels at home!

  • Yes the game last nite was fantastic,but i missed most of todays match whilst doing my long run.

    I did not take any water or food with me and felt ok but i am about to demolish a sausage casserole and a couple of glasses of red image

    Good luck on your run tomorrow i am going to have a sunday without runningimage 

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    MadMark - Well done with your 15 miler. The longer you can get your long runs the better for your mind and body.

    QS - Yes, just finished watching the England/Ireland match. The 14-13 score would make you think that it had been a brilliant and skillful match. Never mind. Good luck with your 15 miler tomorrow.

    Found this weeks speed sessions very taxing. Tuesday was 12x400, which I managed between 75 and 79 seconds - but sore hamstrings afterwards. Thursday was 6.25 with middle 3 in 18:20 - again finishing with sore hamstrings. Anyway, a couple of days on the turbo and they feel fine. Hope they hold out for the 18.5 at MP + 20 secs planned for tomorrow morning.
  • Quickstepper - we've been having this conversation at home about running on empty for a couple of weeks.  As I see it (and I've spoken to the Lucozade people and done my own reading on the research) its all about deciding what you want your training to do for you.

    If you run on empty you'll not be able to train to your maximum capacity - fat burning is less efficient than using carbs/muscle glycogen but it will make your body more efficient at using fat stores.  So, if you're doing a LSR and not pushing pace, running on empty might work effectively *if* you're a slower marathon runner or looking towards other endurance events (IM).  It'd be a bad idea if you're trying to put in a higher energy session. 

    I kind of think that, if you're a fast runner trying to utilise your fat reserves within a marathon seems an odd choice - its less efficient and it'd slow you down to rely entirely on this.  Wouldn't it be better to keep your carb intake high enough to keep your metabolism fuelled this way?

    But - I haven't read that it increases muscle glycogen - thought it was about improving fat burning efficiency. 

    Chrissie Wellington does 1 session a week like this to improve her tri training, apparantly.  So it must be good! image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Interesting discussion about running on empty.  Thanks for the input, Wotsit.  I was kind of confused as well after reading conflicting theories on the web.  The more I read about it, the more confused I get...

    Well, today's 18 miler strangely ended up  being an empty run although I took gels and a carb drink with me.  Turned out I didn't need them and managed with just water instead.  I made this my first proper progressive run.  Starting off quite slow, picking up the intended pace in the middle and then hitting PMP on the final 5k.  Felt pretty ecstatic afterwards but I don't want to jinx things.  I bet I'll have another disastrous run soon enough.  

    Mark: well done on the 15 miler.  Good stuff, man.  Take it easy for a bit.  Those races take more out of you than you may think and you don't want to risk injury.

  • I'm not sure whether it's a good idea for the slower runners to try the running on empty thing for long runs- mine is over 3 hours for a 20 miler, and I reckon it'd wreck me for a good few days if I tried it, deffo worthdoing for 10mile runs, though. I had got into the habit of taking glucose drinks even on  very short runs (5k or so) 'cos I run first thing in the morning, and I noticed I got more and more dependent on them, so now try not to unless more than 10 miles, but for long runs, I start taking stuff early, as you can't replace the calories at the rate you're using them, even if you stuff your face with gels 'til you're sick!
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