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  • JPF1 - go for it - commit and believe in the schedule - just because it is unconventional it doesn't mean it won't work - this is the way I'm playing it for a sub 2:45.  Your timings against goal sessions are just as I am finding - ok for long and tempo (just a bit short of speed) - and I sneak in a 40min easy.

     I crossed trained yesterday - polybag sliding with hill reps followed by snowballing - not sure if it was my daughter or I who was happier for the school to be closed.

    Plus after being in my feet for 5 hours with minimal lunch I squeezed in a 5m tempo on the leisure centre treadmill - mind you I only had an incline of 1.5 degree to protect any lurking achilles problem. 

    Ever tried to convert your mile paces into kilometres in your head whilst running on a treadmill - yes it was that boring but at least it passed the s-e-c-o-n-d-s.  Give me the outdoors (ice free) any day.

    GUYS - book your advance train tickets now for the marathon weekend - I saved over 50% on the normal return fare!  so with the saving I paid for another fare to go up on the Thursday to Excel to get my number - so the Saturday is as stress free as possible.....

  • Hi everyone

    Just done a 10 miler no hills at 7.08 pace so fairly happy with that.

    If i do a 4 miler tomorrow i will be up to 30 for the weekimage

    12 miles planned for sunday

  • Mad Mark - Why do you call yourself  "mad"?
  • Quiskstepper

    Dont know actually,but I suppose i must be a bit mad to be doing my first marathon at my age.image

  • Hello again everyone. Has everyone's training been scuppered by snow? All I have managed since Watford Half on Sunday is some circuit training on Weds night. Impossible to run on the paths here (Luton) at the moment. I may even run to a gym and ask if I can pay for a day and run on a dreaded treadmill, even that is difficult as there aren't many gyms near me!
  • Not so mad Mark - you are simply bettering yourself.  Nothing mad in that.  Well done.  Are you doing any cross training?

    Sore-hip: I've been on the dreaded treadmill for both my tempo and interval runs this week - my gym membership for the cross training certainly came up trumps this week. The paces actually felt easier (relatively) even with a 1.5 deg incline.  Could be the warmer conditions, belt actually does some of the push off, perfect even pacing.....I hate to say this I might becoming a fan of treadmills - did I just say that!!!!!  20 miles on a treadmill - ok I temper my remark - I'm a fan in extreme situations.

    Where has everybody else gone....snow on the line?

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭

    Quickstepper - Thanks for the encouragment re FLM target time. I'm going to keep plugging away at the suggested Furman times and see what sort of shape I'm in nearer April 26th before I firm up any targets. I like the unconventional nature of  the programme.

    Mad Mark - Suppose some people might describe us all as mad for running at all - let alone marathons - but what do they know?!

    Snow hasn't been so bad up here, so have managed to continue as planned. Managed a 7.9 tempo run last night in 50 mins and am happy that I have a turbo session to look forward to tonight, to give my legs a bit of a rest from pounding.

  • The snow's all gone here - 18 miles tonight - ouch!

    I agree we are all slightly mad, running marathons!image

  • Got an 18 miler tomorrow o hopefully the paths will have cleared....no way i am attemping 18 miles on tredmill!!

    Booked train tickets today...£45 return from lincoln to kings cross for wife and I. Cheap as chips

  • I find 18 minutes on the treadmill a drag!
  • yeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa............just back from my 18 miler and its not even half past eight...how good do I feel??????

    Sorry for sounding smug

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Hurds - Feel very smug!

    Got back from my 18 miler about 30 mins ago. Beautiful crisp sunny day, kept my spirits up over the hard and hilly course.
  • Somehow after looking at all you guys already on 18 miles and I am only on 11

    I am beginning to get getting worried image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I'm feeling even smugger (if there is such a word)!

    Did 19miles this morning in the snow and  ice and on a hilly course.  Wicked!

  • I think we should all enjoy feeling smug (and smugger Minni!).  I had a really bad run during the week and feel really good again now after the long run yesterday.

     Mad Mark don't worry, I think alot of us are following the programme from the Furman book so that is why we are doing 18s this week.  There are still 11 weeks to go!  The weeks are flying past so quickly though.

    Hurds you are either super fast or where out at a really insane time this morning!

  • WOW!  Some seriously fabulous runs going on.  Well done everyone! 

    I wanna feel smug too - did 18.7 miles and the last 3 of them at race pace.  I just HAD to try it and it was so much fun.  Could have gone on forever today - shame it was just a training run.  Oh, if only I could feel like that on race day!  Funny, I seem to run a lot better in the cold.  None of my long runs in the summer have remotely felt like this.  YEE   HA image

  • Smug, smugger and smuggerer!!!  Well done schmidtinator!  That is my next plan to try and run some at race pace but not quite managed it yet.  My previous long runs  (training for other marathons) have died a death over the last few miles and now I am maintaining my pace and finishing strong.  Race pace is the next step.

     I run better in the cold too - heat just slows me down and I struggle so much more.

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Great runs Minni, Lou and Schmid.

    Schmid and Lou - I'm the opposite - I much prefer running in the heat. Give me a long sunny run in the middle of June.

    Mad Mark - There is plenty of time to get some 20 milers in. Build up to them gradually and see if you can get at least 2 in before FLM. They are real confidence boosters.
  • Well done to you all on another week completed and it sounds like it has been achieved with great gusto and enjoyment.

    Schmid - brilliant run your confidence must be sky high.  Just a little word of caution don't push it too hard (there are still 11 weeks and alot of marathon paced running to come - don't burn yourself out too early).  I know it is difficult but try to follow the schedule and be disciplined - which sometimes means holding back when you feel great.

    When you run and are holding back and you know it - you are becoming psychologically stronger.  What do you think?

    I feel very jealous - you guys all run long on Saturday, I am a Sunday long runner and face my 1st 20 miler tomorrow.  I am looking at the map to choose a nice long loop that takes me to places in the not so local countryside that I've never ventured before....a bit of an adventure.  Early"ish" start to avoid the afternoon ran.  Major worry is that the time and distance aggrevates any of my niggles - fingers crossed

  • Well- my schedule is on a step-back week this week, so "just" 13miles at MP+9sec/mile- that's 10.6 kph on tready- felt good, weird how that's now a "short" run in my mind!

    Might start work on th eoutdoors runs this week if it's not TOO cold- I am mostly a tready runer, but know I need to toughen the legs up to the demands of uneven pavements, and twisting courses, - it's just that if I do too much outdoor runing my legs seem to disintergate- I would love to get over these problems, 'cos the 2 marathons I've done have left me semi- crippled for  a month after- OK for everything except running!- hopefully I'll slowly get over these problems, as I remember I used to be the same after a 10k race, and now I can do those without any damage.

  •  its a nice feeling to wake up knowing that I have arest day today!!! sorry to all you sunday long runners.

    I also feel that I have a couple of weekends off cos I have races organised for the next 2 sundays of 19 and 13 miles which fits into the programme perfectly so it perhaps eases the mental aspect of the long runs..

    Also we are 5 weeks into a 16 week plan and so in my eyes we are 1/3 of the way into it and we are all hanging on in there!!!! well done to everyone!!

  • Hi everyone image

    Well I did my 12 miler in the cold ,wet  and wind, I did not feel that good but actually did a nice 7.15 pace so I am quite chuffed with thatimage 

    I am planning just a coouple of shorter runs on tues and thurs and then a hilly half marathon race on next sunday.

    Keep up the good work everyoneimage

  • Hurds - enjoy your "races" - it is something I have felt unable to attempt with this schedule, I just wouldn't be able to hold back and with all the miles and x-training in my legs I wouldn't perform to my expectation.

    Mad Mark - I'm not surprised you didn't feel too good - you ran at a scorching sub marathon pace for 12 miles - enjoy the easier week, you deserve it.

     Phewww - 20 miler done - 07:06 pace (target 07:02 - 07:17) - total 1775 ft climb.  A respectable run BUT thankfully I was listening to my own advice (Schmid).  I was holding back all the way and at 18.5 miles as I descended for 1/2 mile the ligaments in my knees and groin starting pinging and complaining.  I carried on to the end and didn't drop pace but it is a little worrying....why did I seem to fall apart so suddenly?  All I can think is that I ran an undulating course that represents a longer mileage than 20.  My problem now is will I recover properly this week (thankfully a lower mileage week) and can I find a flatter training run in the area for the higher pace long runs?  As far as I remember the London Marathon is fairly flat.

  • Good running Quickstepper.

    That is a pretty impressive pace as well,take it easy for a few days and your aches and pains should be ok.

     I must admit now i am doing longer runs I am looking for flat courses which is difficult in west wales. 

  • I can imagine - all I need to do is drive 5 miles to the Somerset Levels, provided they aren't flooded!
  • I have to say thanks to David Lloyd Gym in Luton who let me use their gym for free today, did just under 11 miles on a treadmill.  Didn't like it at all!  But running here is impossible on the paths, just sheet ice. I fell over last night walking from the car to the pizza shop, nightmare as I hit the ground I thought I'd wrecked my knee, all ok though.

    Still ice everywhere on the paths in Luton right  now. Circuits tomorrow night. Thaw by Tuesday I hope. Apparently our school is still shut tomorrow, embarrassing! The site is dangerous, have only been at work 2 days in the last week.

  • Crikey, Sore-hip!  11 miles on the treadmill commands respect.  If that isn't tough on the mind then I don't know what is.  My longest ever run on a tready was probably 7 miles and that felt like an eternity.  But I hear ya - it is not easy to run outside at the moment.  I'm pretty sure my intervals tomorrow will take place in the cosy, sheltered gym again.  There's still a lot of ice everywhere and my weekday runs take place before work, so if outside, it'll be dark and I won't see the ice.  Bad idea....

    Quickstepper:  You are, of course, right and I have no plans to try race pace again anytime soon.  I hadn't even planned this - I just got carried away what with the blue sky, the sun and some cheesy music on the i-plod image

    Of all things I picked up a niggle today in the POOL!  I was about 15 laps down when my right ankle started to feel funny.  I tried another lap and it became like a sharp, stabbing pain so I had to cut my workout there and then.  I'm a shite swimmer at best of times and my kicking is probably a bit awkward,  but I usually manage about 20-30 laps (albeit VERY slowly) with no pain whatsoever, so this is weird. Ankle feels ok when I walk, but still slightly sore when I circle the foot inwards (if that makes sense).  If I can't run on it tomorrow, I'll just use the bike instead. 

    Mark & Quickstepper:  your pace is mindblowing.  I just don't know how you guys do it.  Great stuff.

  • Sorehip (formerly sorefeet) and nearly sore knee!!  glad to hear your accident didn't bring on injury.  11 miles on a tread - what did you do/watch?  Like you I am contemplating another speed session on the dreaded treadmill this week but more to do with fitting it in round work and home life.

    Scmid - Sorry to hear about the ankle.  Get some ice on it (gel ice pack or bag of peas - but mark the bag so the family don't eat them!).  What stroke do you do swimming? maybe change strokes every other length next week or keep away from that stroke for a week or 2.

    I am dying to know what the cheesy music was Scmidimage- obviously just so I can run marathon race pace at 20 miles, honest.

    I'm knackered from the 20 miler and 54 lengths today, v early to bed tonight.

  • As for treadmill boredom, luckily David Lloyd's in Luton has sky sports screens on its treadmills, so watched a bit of Sky sports news then the first half of Spurs-Arsenal.

    Enough to send anyone to sleep...

  • When I was training for the Loch Ness marathon I watched the F1 grand prix whilst doing long tready runs- it's OK- but you have to remember not to lean into the corners, - the on-board cameras can easily result in you flying off the side off the tready if you get too embroiled!
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