Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)

No this is not a charity soliciting money! I was diagnosed with this 3 days after my first Ultra- the wonderful 50 mile Sussex Stride - and am trying to investigate any links between extremes of exertion and CSR. Scientific literature links CSR with psychological stress and Type A personalities, but there appears to be little evidence of physical stress as a cause. Please e-mail me off list for a simple (anonymous) survey form if you have been diagnosed with CSR in the last five years or so. Many thanks - [email protected]


  • CSR is central serous retinopathy
  • Central Serous Retinopathy - sorry - there is a bit missing from my original message - the title! It is an accumulation of fluid in the retina causing a dim blurred image in one eye only.
  • I have recently been diagnosed with Retinal Vein Occlusion, which has resulted with a serious loss of vision in one eye. This is essentially a blood clot in the retinal vein. I don't know if this is in any way similar to CSR, and I hadn't up until now made any connection with this and exercise, although none of the usual underlying causes seem to be present.
    Is CSR also a permanent condition?
  • I do not think your Retinal Vein Occlusion is related to CSR, which is essentially a fluid leak under the retina. Mine was successfully treated with laser therapy, despite many sufferers not being helped by this. Have you searched for an email discussion group on your condition? It was very helpful to communicate with other CSR sufferers. Good luck for future treatment,
  • Many thanks for your suggestion. I did not even know that email discussion groups existed. I have managed to gain an enormous amount of really useful information. It would seem that in my case exercise is helpful.
  • where are you both being treated? i work at moorfields eye hospital!
  • I was sent to The Royal Free by my optition as an emergency patient about six weeks ago as it was the nearest hospital. I've been there twice now, and although I would not want to criticise any of the staff there at all, (everyone has been helpful and informative) they always seems to be completely overwhelmedby the volume of patients. Is it possible to transfer to Moorfields within the NHS?
  • you are always entitled to a second opinion within the NHS so yes, you can transfer to Moorfields. You can get your consultant at the royal free to refer you (not usually the best option as they tend to get a bit funny about that.) The best options are to either get your GP to refer you to a consultant at moorfields (i can find out for you which one if you want) or if you have another acute episode, come to A&E, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Paul,
    does this loss of vision occur in a small localised area or is it spread across the whole eye.
    I ask because I have a small grey/opaque blot in the lower corner of one eye, the consultant at the local eye hospital has had me sent for a head scan that returned all clear, I am waiting to go back to see him for further tests.
  • TP,
    Thanks for your help. The GP option seems to be the most sensible . I will give this a try.
  • CSR is thought to be idiopathic, occurs mainly in males aged 20-40 yrs old and prognosis for recovery of vision is usually good. Unlike, central retinal vein occlusion.

    Snail, the fluid leak is in the macular area, therefore vision loss is central. Your condition sounds different.

    In eleven years of practice I have only seen one case of CSR.
  • have had a word with one of my colleagues and she has advised referral to Miss Catherine Egan, who is a Medical Retina specialist and whose clinics are not too busy at the moment.

    hope all goes well.
  • Thanks EyeSpy21
    just have to wait for the consultant to find out the problem
  • Really grateful TP. Thanks!
  • I was diagnosed with CSR about 18 months ago. The grey cloud and blurriness gradually improved over the next 6 months or so but always left a residual slight distortion of vision. Over the last few weeks the blurriness has worsened again so presumably more fluid has leaked.

    The question is - do I just leave it to settle myself or is anything to be gained by re referral to the eye specialists??
  • Any change to your vision should be investigated... to determine the cause, appropriate treatment and follow-up.
  • Thanks for such a quick response.

    You're probably right. Thing is, from what I have read the only 'treatment' would appear to be laser treatment - which sounds a bit literally hit and miss. My vision could end up worse than it is now.
  • Dear Susan,
    I started this thread 2 years ago after my diagnosis of CSR. My consultant initially left it a few weeks to see if it would settle spontaneously, but when it did not, he did a test with flouescein dye, found a specific leak, and zapped it with a laser. All this was as an outpatient, and took about an hour and a half. There was no change for 2 weeks, then it resolved completely, and has been fine ever since, despite my participating in more ultra marathons and the Marathon des Sables. There is hope for this condition, and although there are some potential risks of laser treatment, it worked for me. Hope this helps, and you regain full vision again.
  • Thanks Paul, glad everything has worked out for you. Perhaps I'll take the plunge and seek further help.
  • Does anyone know anything about recurrence of CSR? Are there any other possible causes apart from a weakness causing fluid leakage? Have now had this 3 times in the past 2 years. Leakage to centre of macula therefore not able to zap with laser.

    Grateful for info from anybody in the know.
  • It appears that some patients are suseptable to recurrences of this for no apparent reason, and others like me only (so far) have a single attack. There is an excellent and very supportive email discussion group on CSR, hosted by Yahoo groups. Can't remember the address, but I found it via an internet search. Sorry to hear yours can't be treated by laser- but do log onto the discussion group, I found it very helpful to chat with other sufferers.
  • Thanks Paul. After my last visit to the eye dept left feeling as if I was wasting theirs as well as my time - probably because they've got nothing to offer me! I'll try Yahoo for other peoples' experiences.
  • This week I was also diagnosed with Central Serous Retinopathy after a visit to Frimley Park Eye clinic. The doc told me that the condition is bought on by stress and to eat well and look after myself to keep my stress levels down.

    Now I think that gives me the green light to carry on exercising and running, but what about long distance & competitive running? I'm concerned that running a marathon (or even a half) would put a stress on my body that could cause the condition to get worsen, or to flare up again once its subsided.

    Would appreciate any thoughts from any fellow sufferers out there. I don't want CSR to stop me from running but on the other hand I value my eyesight!

    Eddie's Dad
  • Can i run with central serous retinopathy?
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