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Has anyone tried the HRM glove from Beurer? It works with a finger sensor rather than a chest strap. I've tried two chest-strap models so far and constantly lost signal with them and wonder if this might be a better option. It's rather expensive, though, c. £110-120. > product+details > PM110


  • my missus used to have something similar in a watch (Casio I think) which had a touch pad to place your finger on to take the HRM

    1. getting a reading wasn't easy - very hit and miss
    2. trying to take a reading while exercising was almost impossible as you can't keep your finger in one place as you're working out
    3. it took about 15 seconds to get readings assuming you got one at all

    she gave up with it in the end and went back to a chest strap HRM

    if you've lost signals with chest straps there may be reasons why - poor battery strength/poor contact on the chest/power lines causing interference etc

    the better HRMs with digital connections work fine in all conditions and much better than a finger sensor imho
  • No, this isn't the type where you touch a button on a watch. It uses a light beam within a sensor placed over the finger and it gives a constant reading, like a chest strap. The technique is called plethysmography.

    My chest strap used to slip out of place as soon as I got sweaty, no matter how tightly I put it on. 

  • ah sorry - I didn't read the full spec......I assumed when you said finger sensor it was similar to what my wife had......but I still don't think a finger pulse one will be as good as a chest strap for accurate readings

    I'm guessing here that you're female looking at your profile? if so, have you tried the sports bras that you can feed a strap into?? that stops them slipping out of place - there are a few brands that do this I believe - I think my wife's is a Champion one
  • I've got some Nike cropped tops which have slots in the elastic beneath the boobs, for you to thread the plastic part of the HRM in.

    They hold it in just the right place, without slipping.

    Have a look here

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