A bit of news ...

For those that don't know, and for the few that have been asking after Kelly.

We are expecting our first child in April, we have had the 20 week scan and all is well. And its a girl !

pre-empting Oxy et al - yes its mine, allegedly image

My training and racing will be curtailed a smite next year but thats no excuse for some of you slackers, I shall still be racing at Bala, all going well lol !! 




  • Congrats Rosey. How is Kelly feeling?

    Is it too early to be playing Cupid between baby Rose and Baby Meenan for genetically superior triathletes?

  • Great news all the best to all 3 of you !

    image A whole new world of mostly great stuff awaits !image

  • She is fine, I have only managed to make her throw up twice, by accident of course. Other than that she is just tired of hitting me cos I call her chubby image

    But now we know the sex of the baby its become a lot more real.

    As for triathlete superiority, mmm, hadn't thought of that, I have already bought her a set of golf clubs image

  • golf pays better than triathlon so you might still be onto a winner there!
  • Congratulations Rosey, that's great news.

    You've done the hard work, you now deserve to put your feet up while the mrs does the easy bit.  Don't forget to drink alcohol in front of her as often as possible - pregnant women love that.....

  • erm, been doing too much of that which is why I am back to training.

    In london town for the week so if anyone is about I need a running partner to help barge through ignorant commuters on london streets who walk around with their heads down lol, based at Earls Court this week, had a nice run round Knightsbridge and Serpentine last night.

  • It´s a slippery slope I tell you! Just look at meimage

    Take it EZ all 3 of you.  If you think going sub 10 was suffering, you are in for a shock.

    Great news mate, If she`s born in early April, you´ll still be able to come to Lanza, Kelly will enjoy the beach rest and Gus will help with the baby I´m sureimage

  • Brilliant news Kelly and Rosie..   good excuse to add a new bike to your collection, albeit a small pink one with stabilisers and handlebar tassles image

    I shall now look forward to whipping your ass at Bala, what a scalp that would be.

    On the other hand not training is the new black image

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    I shall now look forward to whipping your ass at Bala,
    Why on earth have you waited til I had a baby on the way image
  • babies?? how very chavvy........

    great news though you 2 - but get the new bike and extra kit now though as your money's going to be tied up for the the next 21 years or so......
  • lol, cheers mate.

  • Or get stuff now that will hold its value so you can hock it in 10 years to get tri kit!

    Congrats, great news. It will bring a whole new meaning to mental stamina! image
  • hey congratulations to you both! that's fantastic news image

    i'm a bit worried that you keep making Kelly sick though, do you really think this is an appropriate time for your deep throat experimentation?
  • Congrats Rosey ! The only thing you'll be doing sub-10 from now on is going to bed, especially if Little Rosey is an early riser image

    At this rate we'll be booking out the hostel family rooms for the 2010 Pirate Champs, and the Monday piss up will be nice kids tea party in the park.
  • oxy !
  • have fun, all the best triathletes have baby girls.

    i bet you don't make it to Bala though image

  • lol, not quite a deep throat - the first time was in a restaurant, she doesn't like fish and I was eating haddock pate, it probably wasn't the nicest thing to blow kisses to her at the time ;-( I am not proud but I was still coming to terms with her heightened sense of smell and thought it was funny.

    the second one was of the sprouts variety and I didn't give her enough warning to vacate the room, that sense of smell can be a git !!

    I have been a lot more responsible since I proved she wasn't making it up lol !!

  • ewwww, thats much worse than the deep throat, minger!
  • thats your opinion ... I think the DT throwing up would happen regardless of being pregnant !
  • Here's to the next generation of pirates!

    Congratulations to the two of you, from us!

    SP & TL

  • Sprouts?

  • Congratulations Rosey and Kelly
  • Congratulations Rosey!  image

    This is where your endurance training will pay off.... 3 am feeds!

  • "Endurance training doesn't give you the necessary equipment though "

    yep, my breasts seem to have reduced the more endurance training I did ! just as well Kelly is there for the 3am feeds !
  • that sentance is wrong is just too many ways

  • Come April you will both be asking why you waited so long.  It's a great time.  Congratulations.

     My tip for the birth is to stay head end and when the midwife invites you to touch the head as it comes out to stay well away.

  • so it's a girl!  a baby Rose! how lovely.
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