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  • yeah, what gumps says
  • Congratulations to you both, but especially you for all your hard work so far . A man's role in the reproductive process is not to be taken lightly.

    So it's out with the rollers and pink paint, yes? image

  • well said crashie.

    while i remember, start letting family know now that their role is to turn up loaded with M&S gastropub meals and bottles of wine, not only the first time they visit, but on all subsequent visits.  

  • Congrats Rosey. Does this mean we can all start knitting now?
  • Brilliant news Rosie - let us know when you need to escape the hormones and take us slow coach north westies for a bike ride! (Ever the opportunist, thats me!!)
  • great news on the scan Rosey! Hope she inherits Kelly's eyebrows - lovely though the thick black set are on yourself.
  • Crash Hamster wrote (see)
    So it's out with the rollers and pink paint, yes? image

    yep, bought a set of rollers, they are in the garage next to my bike, no idea what the pink paint is for image

    IronMin (aka Chavita Da B*tch) wrote (see)

    Brilliant news Rosie - let us know when you need to escape the hormones and take us slow coach north westies for a bike ride! (Ever the opportunist, thats me!!)

    it only takes a mail, I would have done that at anytime, just need to set up the date and ask image

    thanks everyone for your best wishes, I have passed them all to Kelly and she really appreciates it.

  • She'll need a championchip when she goes into labour so that we can track process a la ironmandead.
  • I can't think of a worse thing than having a chip on for labour.............................unless there was a live webcam.......................imageimageimage

    Good luck I'm sure girls are much easier to bring up than boys as all girls are sugar and spice and all things niceimage

  • yes Seren but they do like hanging out with the rats and snails and puppy dog's tails when they hit 13!
  • Congratulations Nick and Kelly. Awesome news. Any thoughts on names yet? How about Rosie Rose?

    If you get bored of running round the streets come over to Richmond Park and we can meet up for a run.
  • yep, done names, or name. Will see about coming over, when you running ? and you will need to make it one of your slow runs for a fat boy image
  • Hows life fat boy ... fancy a beer and curry
  • of course mate, when I get away from Landan town I will give you  a shout. We could be doing a tri a curry early Dec but I am in Edinburgh on the 2nd/3rd so trying to arrange it for the 4th if you are interested ?
  • Already run today and am biking tonight, swimming tomorrow morning, out on the town tomorrow night. Maybe Friday am or early evening? Text me if you fancy it. If you are stuck tonight, head for Speakers Corner for just before 7pm and you can join in the Serpie 3 parks run (about 7 miles).
  • 4th dec looks good at moment
  • rich, might make speakers corner cheers, catch you in Dec when I am down again for the week.

    Slum, will keep you informed.

  • Congrats Nick and to Kelly.
  • Yep Nick congrats to you both, life will never be the same again.
  • Congratulations to you both.

  • Big Congrats.  Lovely news. 
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Congratulations to you and to Kelly - she's got the hard job of course.

    at least she has an excuse for getting fat though ;- )

    and Seren - is Wales some strange planet where girls are easier than boys??
  • aren't all the girls in wales easy?
  • not when i was a boyyo, they had great pleasure in rejecting my drunken advances!

    Probably due to my down right ugliness i suspectimage

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    luckily it skips a generation Gsport as your boys are lovely!
  • flippin' Nora! A Melik and a Rose in the same thread, let alone the same year! Quick - grab the ropes!!
  • Congratulations Rosey and Kelly, that is great news image 

    ... Lindi is it too late for that order of pirate babygrows?!

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    I shall now look forward to whipping your ass at Bala, what a scalp that would be.

    On the other hand not training is the new black image

    I think Barley was hoping 'YOU' were up the duff image

    brill news image

  • Congratulations image  Midwife Sherpa here at your service in case of any weird/embarrassing questions you don't want to ask your "real-life" midwife! 

    I am almost sure Spans is going to cheer on Zilla at FLM now I have persuaded her she can have her own midwife on standby, just in case image

    All these teeny tiny pirates in the making.  How lovely.

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