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  • Mrs Funkin wrote (see)

    Congratulations image  Midwife Sherpa here at your service in case of any weird/embarrassing questions you don't want to ask your "real-life" midwife! 

    ... but dont mind thousands of strangers on a public internet forum reading about image

    Vote Midwide Barlos  !
  • Cripes, Kanga, I was thinking more like a PM than asking in front of squillions of people...but hey, whatever image  I think Barley would like being a midwife though...well, some aspects of it...Coach Barlos (RM) has a nice ring to it...

  • Thought so Mrs F, but hey, let's not let the truth get in the way of a p1ss taking post image

    Barlos could advise on proper pacing during labour, not going out too hard too early, crafty fag breaks during 14 hour exertions, the advantages of full carbon stirrups ...
  • Fantastic news!  Congratulations to you!

  • Oops - missed this somehow - congrats to the Roses on your new liddle bud.
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