Running with baby/toddler

We have a Baby Jogger City Classic, not advisable to use for running and it was bought before I started running unfortunately. Now, with Mrs MF due anytime in the next month, I'm looking to buy a second hand pram that I can use when running, bith for the new Mini MF, and the bigger Mini MF, who has just turned 2, but the size of a 3 year old. So it has to be pretty spacious, as he's a bit of a lump.

I've seen the Baby Jogger 2 mentioned a lot online, is this the runners pram of choice when it comes to ferrying the young about?  It needn't be flash, cheap and cheerful will do as it will be used strictly for running, as long as it does a good job.


  • My wife and I use the baby jogger - it does about 20 miles a day between the two of us, and we take both our baby and our 5 year old in it - we do the 10 mile round trip to school using it. It really is what you need!
  • Which model of Baby Jogger do you use though?
  • We've got the performance here

     They're not cheap, but if you're going to use it regularly, it's a worth investment.

    If you use it instead of a car for some journeys, you'll save the cost in petrol. What I like about it is running can become part of your life, not something you have to fit into to around what you already do  - you don't have to "go for a run" - you run your kids around wherever they need to go. It's also great for getting babys off to sleep, and for making out you're being really helpful to you other half by taking the baby out for a run image

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