Get me to the plod on time

I don't know why really, but Yeo having to tell the agency in the morning started me on Stanley Holloway


  • should be w**king but got drawn into the continuity errors on My Fair Lady as reported on IMDB

    Continuity: When Higgins comes home after the Grand Ball he takes off his shoes and holds a cigar in one hand which repeatedly changes direction between shots.

    Continuity: When Higgins and Eliza are on the way out to the ball, the head maid is in the line with the other maids, but in the next shot she is again going into the line.

    Continuity: When Professor Higgins talks about the breakfast cakes, Colonel Pickering drinks his coffee and puts the cup back on the saucer. But in the close up shot he repeats the same action.

    Well those huge bloopers have certainly ruined the film for me image
  • o...k...

    I spoke to my co-ordinator on the phone yesterday before I'd heard about the job

    we don't talk much these days because most of my w**k is regular bookings and I said I might drop into the office today

    but I think she might be hurt I didn't talk to her about the job earlier

  • so ... tell her your reasons for not doing so earlier?

    tell her you value her good opinion and hope she's not hurt because you enjoy w**king with her?

    if true, tell her in retrospect you wish you had talked to her about it earlier, but it was sprung on YO in such an odd way that it hasn't really followed the normal path?

  • That meant to be YOU not YO
  • funny Kid B moment yesterday when we were hiding presents under the bed

    What's that?

    Oh, it's a sort of massage stick. image

  • we were norty and bunked off the play half way through - Was Alan Bennett Enjoy, but we weren't - a bit over acted and not quite good somehow
  • shame about that - bad Alan Bennett must be very disappointing
  • I think she'll be all right

    we get on very well, and she'll understand my motives for taking the job - carrying on w**king with the same service user

  • Morning!

    *Waves and Winks*

  • nice winking
  • Morning

    I am w**king hard image

  • maybe kid B will want to try the massage stick out? image
  • Morning!
  • I was wondering who the massage stick was for?

    and trying to picture the scene round the Christmas tree, with the family unwrapping the presents...

  • Batteries not included? That always causes tantrums...
  • ... although I have a scary mains-powered massage stick ...
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭

    I've seen it.

    And the massage stick......


  • I'm just about to finish w**king.

     Tired now

  • p.s. Het's pet Jet's Vet got the results back

     Lump is benign!  Yayyy!

    Deja vu feelings though... I've been through this scenario a few times before on here....

  • woohoo

    good news from the vet

  • Good news indeed image

    Yeo, how did you get on handing in your notice?

  • it isn't actually giving in my notice cos I'll still be w**king for the agency part time

    and I haven't - my co-ordinator isn't in today so I haven't told them yet

  • Oic...
  • other than that, i expect it went well
  • but as my new employers have poached me from the agency they may have to pay a transfer fee

    they may get away with it because there's a reorganisation going on, so it may technically be a different employer

    but in any case I'm worth it image

  • you are
  • Had Kid B out doing PT with me - gave her half the fee towards her Xmas present buying fund
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