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Hello everyone

For the last two years I have been downloading all my runs onto Motionbased. The problem is that it costs X amount each month and given the current economic climate I was wondering which sites are the best and free to up load your Garmins to. All suggestions welcome, which ones do you consider the best??????????????

Cheers Ro 


  • i stick with garmin - using garmin connect and garmin training centre, work fine for me.  i haven't used anything else, but i'm sure i've heard of motion based - is this not the same as garmin connect (which is free)?
  • Not a site as such, but I use SportsTrack which is a free download.

    You have to import the training into Garmin Connect and then export it out, and then import it into SportsTrack. Sound more hassle than it actually is. Plus the advantage of exporting the training out means I take regular backups...

  • You can download to fetch using the Hollybar.  PM me if you want further details.  I also use Sporttracks - it's pretty good.
  • some members at have just developed a script that will allow you to upload your garmin data there, although it's a pretty basic layout there's no GPS stuff. It's as close as you're going to get to a nike style community without buying one though.

     I'm waiting until motionbased is ported over to garmin connect in december, the cost of a premium account is coming down considerably, off the top of my head i think it's going to be £20 a year which i think is acceptable.

  • i use the Garmin training centre which i like for the HR/pace/elevation graphs. i use Hollybar to upload to fetch, and like using the garmin upload on fetch to view on a map.

    i would like a bit more info on elevation though, how do i find out how many metres i have climbed?

  • sheddysheddy ✭✭✭

    +1 on Sporttracks, it's the business.

    You can import straight into Sporttracks from your Garmin though, without going through Garmin's Training Centre first. I just attach my 205, run Sporttracks, click on import and select 205 from the menu. I don't think I've even got the GTC installed at the moment. 

  • i couldnt work out sporttracks. i downloaded it (following rave reviews on here), but really couldnt tell what to press so gave up pretty quickly.
  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭
    jumping gas wrote (see)
    For the last two years I have been downloading all my runs onto Motionbased. The problem is that it costs X amount each month
    Really?!  I've never paid anything to upload runs to Motionbased.
  • Firstly thanks for all your posts I will check out the various sites when I finally get my internet working at home. As for Motionbased I upgraded a couple of years ago, I do like the software and have basically used it as a training log. Nevertheless I have to economise at the mo so no worries to losing it. As for the free Motionbased software I believe that is the Lite version where you can only save 10 runs at a time. What I want is something that I can use as I said earlier as a log.

    I'm currently in training for next years London marathon so don't mind losing two years of running (my god what am I saying, any how I will be looking into these websites.............

    Cheers Ro  

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    Try Sportstrack then as everyone else as mentioned.

    I don't have Lite version and I'm still not paying anything, btw.

  • I'd agree with the comments about SportsTrack's user interface - it isn't the greatest. But keep playing around with it and you find some gem information hidden away in places.
  • JG  Sporttracks is a great piece of software, as mentioned above it could be a bit more intuitive, but you can sort your runs by distance, time, location, equipment, whatever.  Your routes are shown instantly on a google earth overlay, rather than the crap TC maps, and it's free. 

  • Sezz I'm intrigued can you email me..........................
  • Sportstracks really is great, but there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you do learn your way around, it really is excellent, much better than the training centre that comes with the 305. The only thing that I cant figure out to do is to export course, so you can run against the 'virtual partner'.
  • Another vote for SportsTracks here.

    I've never had a problem with the interface, but then I don't play around with it much. I just hit the Import option, select Garmin 305, and it automatically downloads all info. It even remembers details from previous runs and inserts it for you e.g. location. It shows your run on a Google Earth or Google Maps background depending on what you choose. It generates loads of stats and views of your data, and presents them very nicely.

    And all totally free o charge!

    Highly recommended.

  • After reading that done will download at asap ..........................


  • SportsTracks is double plus good.
  • *goes to investigate Hollybar*

    ooh exciting.....

    I gave up putting my runs on fetch as I had them on motionbased, so didn't want to do it twice.  But being the geek I am......

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