snack attack

What does everyone usually eat before a run of a distance of about 7k? I found to my disadvantage the other night while out on a run with my running club that my dinner decided it wanted to be out than in.


  • About an hour before a long run I'll eat a banana other than that I don't bother with snacks and I leave it at least two hours after eating dinner before I run.
  • Cheers. I will try that.

  • a coffee with milk and sugar at least 30 mins before (banana maybe but at least an hour ) too much and too close to running and i feel uncomfortable ..and your body is too busy digesting it to be able to switch to exercise mode

  • 7k?

    4 and a bit miles?

    nothing at all

    it isnt a long run

    i leave a t least two hours between food and running too

  • I did find after work runs tricky - either I ate too close to the run or didn't eat until I got back from club at about 9pm

    usually I opted for a banana and honey or banana and peanut butter sarnie

  • What time of day are yuo running TG, or does it vary?
  • Eat nothing before running anything up to an hour. But eat afterwards instead!

     I usually train first thing on an empty stomach then have half a pint of chocolate milk and a banana after training. 

    For evening training/club runs I'd usually leave 3-4 hours between what I last ate and running. 

  • I have just reported Phenom to the moderator. I don't particularly know TG but know of her, having looked Phenom up thay are quite clearly lacking in any sort of manners or empathy or human consideration!
  • Thank you for all the advice and support. I do intend to look more into the search engine on RW and I will try not to start anymore threads that people may have felt were duplicated. I do like it here and I am always glad to hear useful, practical and productive advice.

    I run in the evening, but do most of my running in the daytime around midday. I will try some fruit.


  • Turtlegirl, I run in my lunch hour three times a week, anything from 5-10K. I have my usual porridge in the mornings, and I'll maybe have a small banana and a cup of tea about an hour and a half before I run...if I'm doing speedwork, I'll leave it longer between food and run, but I tend not to 'fuel up' on anything heavier unless I'm doing a much longer run.

  • Glad to see you back TG,  I expect you have a lot of bottle to get as far as you already have so I hope this doesn't put you off running, or posting, or starting any thread you like.

    I hate bullies. 

  • All is well in the land of I'm alright. Just trying to get a fine balance with running etc.

    I just hope to gain a lot of insight and knowledge from all abilities of runners. 

    Just about keeping up with the running and still the last one while running out with my running club on a wednesday night. I'll get there eventually. Feels really awful because they have to keep coming back for me. I always try my best though.

  • TG - someone has to be last and I'm sure they don't mind coming back for you.

    If I'm running after work I have a cereal bar about 2 hours before. Enough to keep me from getting really hungry during training but not enough to upset my stomach.

  • TG - for 7k i wouldn't worry about your food beforehand too much as long as the rest of your diet is good. If you find that you do feel a bit wobbly during that distance maybe try a flapjack an hour or so before. We;re all different. Some people can knock out 10 miles on no breakfast and no water. Others need more. Just experiment and see what feels good for you. 

    There nothing is wrong with starting threads asking questions that have been asked before. If no old questions were asked this forum would come to a standstill bar the huge long standing threads which can be daunting for a newbie to join.

  • TG - when I run with the club in the evening, a typical day for me is - Breakfast Weetabix and fruit, lunch around 60g whml pasta mixed with either chicken or tuna(homemade) then about 5pm I will have a bananna or if I am feeling hungry a 30g bowl of porridge. When I get in from club run, I usually have some soup or a smoothie

    Hope that Helps?

  • I've just been really bad and had a bottle of lucozade and a small bag of peanut m&ms - not exactly the most healthiest of snacks but then I'm doing speedwork tonight on the track so bugger it, it should burn off I hope!  Its so rare I have this though :image
  • lol@ M and M's...

    I might try cereal and some fruit.

    muffin: What's it like to run on a track?. I would love to try that. I'm just used to road running. 

    (waves at icclesuez- Might try the pasta) 

  • Track is hard work but is defintely essential for speedwork!  After last night which was so cold I could not feel my fingers and toes!

    My fave pre-run snack in the evening especially if its going to be more than a 10k is a banana and a handful of nuts (not the m&ms - as can be fattening!


  • I was out running with the club last night and I was frozen too!!. Someone at the club suggested a few slices of Warbuton fruit loaf. I've never heard of it, but is it worth a try of a few slices before a run?. I quite like fruit, but can't imagine it in a loaf of

    I would love to do track work.  

  • Yep its lovely - or there is Soreen which is also a fruit loaf - they do a cinnamon version which is lovely witha bit of low fat spread!

     Trackwork is good especially if you want faster times - I find its the only way to get your times down.

  • You have to find out what works for you. I know people who claim to be able to eat a full breakfast just minutes before a long run. Buney suggest coffee with milk -- that wouldn't work for me either.

    I leave at least 3 hours between eating and running, and even then, the meal can't be too big. Before a long weekend run I'll usually have a bagel and banana with a black coffee. I avoid dairy products as my stomach doesn't appreciate them before a run.

    For shorter runs I don't need any sustenance, but certainly like to eat afterwards.

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