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I am running my first marathon in April and would like a four day week training plan (16 week) - does anyone know of any good plans that worked for them.  I have looked on the RW plans but they seem to do run/walk four days per week and then jump to 5/6 days running per week. 

I dont want to do anymore than 4 days per week because i know i probably wont keep to 5 + days and then give myself a hardtime for not achieving my goal.

Any advice / plan would be helpful.


  • How many miles are you able to run continously now? There's one you can grab off the homepage from the site. It's ths smart coach one. Under moderate and maintenance it sticks to just 3 runs a week if you put in anything under 25 miles/week at present. I guess if you put in more it might add the extra session.

    Personally, I do the FIRST 3/week schedules but add a few extra miles/intervals/speed where I can to compensate for any sessions I can't fit in. Tend to do the odd other bit of sport, so 4-5 runs/week for 16 weeks wouldn't be feasible.

    Good luck

  • my lsr is 10 miles at the mo.

    thanks geraint heath.

  • Well, 10 miles now certainly puts you well on-course for 26.2 come April. You've got a few more weeks to establish a sound base before the 16 weeks begin. One recurrent theme throughout every programme is steady progression of the LSR with a lighter week every 4 weeks or so.

     I'm sure some of the "more seasoned" folks out there will be able to dispense some suggestions for the final few weeks of your build-up before the programme begins. Shades seems to host a 3-4 runs/week marathon thread, could well be worth getting involved with.

  • Thank you - i will look into that tonight when i get home from work. x
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