Sunday 23rd November 2008



  • Evening all,

    Hilly: congrats on the title
    Pammie: nice xc
    SGQ: congrats on the PB
    Wardi: Congrats on the sub 40 at the dash.
    Stickless: sounds like a lovely day out for the stickless clan.
    HH: Well run and congrats on the win.
    LizzyB: sorry to hear about the calf.

    What: rest
    why: been very good this week with only running every other day. Rebuilding starts tomorrow.

  • Well won, Hilly

    Orsum post, HH

    Well raced a few others too (Pammie!) 

    And Mel seems to be putting in a stonking performance on the run right now - go Mel! Strong lungs and legs to you!

    • What: did 60+ miles on the bike yesterday (cold!) and 13 miles running in the wet today
    • Why: build the base, build the base, build the base, repeat

    G night!

  • Another 1.5 miles with the kids - they wanted to train for next weekends XC.   The 7 year old girl is now quicker than the 10 year old - she beat her last week  - luckily the 10 year old has decided she is going to be a musician and composer so it doesn't matter if she gets beaten by her younger sister.  The 7 year old boy is slower than both but so long as he can play on his DS when he gets home he isn't bothered. 

    Can anyone on here recommend a trail shoe?  I've got Walshes for really muddy stuff but I want something more for the sort of runs which are more mixed road and country - something that can cope with slippy conditions but I'm not going to race in them so don't have to be fantastic.   I was looking at Adidas Kanadia, mainly because they are dead cheap, Derby runner has some Swoops reduced too - thought they might be too much of a fell shoe though and maybe not too good for runs with 2-3 miles of tarmac ?

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Popsider.. I have a pair of Nike Air Zoom Trail S+ @ £50 from Start Fitness. More than reasonable grip & fairly light, and they are black! The uppers are not goretex waterproof but the soles can be used both on & off road.

    Well done as always Stickless, a fine effort & top reporting.

    HH.. very well done on your stage win, good to hear you are getting back to form.

    Good luck Lizzy. I sometimes think that the worst thing a runner can do is have a break from running!

    SL.. ease back steadily, hope to see you in a race soon!

    Mike S.. nice long run duly noted. When is your nest narathon then? {O:

    Holly.. good bike outing. I can't do long bike rides in this weather, my hands tend to freeze after 20m no matter how many pairs of gloves I'm wearing!
  • Thanks guys.

    Stickless- I was actually not in too bad a shape as it had only just started hailling as I was finishing- our second leg runners got completely washed out though. Glad I did as just after I finished I very quickly got very very cold and needed to get to the car. Much more respect for those on the longer, muddier and snowier later legs!

    My second Hereward, done the first and second legs. Think I'll do first leg again next year and really go for it and try and get a quick time.

  • ssing - now that I know what you look like, I'll say hello if I see you around.

    Mava - well done for braving the snow.

    Pammie - good team effort at the x-country. Love the nodding the head bit 'cause you couldn't talk at the finishimage

    Hilly - well raced - good haul.

    SGQ - 10k PB - very satisfying.

    Wardi - under 40 mins - good stuff and well done to the old guys and young Jon Pepper.

    Lizzy - so sorry to hear about the calf muscle - take care.

    Stickless - good on you getting out there in those conditions - if you get a chance - go see the movie "young at heart" - a real tear-jerker!

    Hobbling Harrier - congratulations - great to be young and getting stronger all the time - enjoy it.

    What: 18.4km with club (thinking it might be same one as ssing), now that would be funny. Lots of off-road, running/walking up hills and steps on tracks. Very tired afterwards.

    Good running everyone.

  • Christine which club do you run for ?
  • ssing - I ran for Owairaka for years, but I now belong to YMCA.
  • snap!!!!

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