Christchurch Christmas 10K - NOW FULL

As it's been full since about June, and my entry was rejected back then, is there anyone out there decided not to race it and has a spare number going?


  • ......and I'm annoyed....for another year. No, more resigned to my fate!!

    I was told that I was unorganised last year, so knowing that it opened on 1st July last year, I looked a couple of days ago...and it's already full again!

    Oh well, will just have to enter the Andy Reading again....and not run due to injury or illness (only managed 1 out of the last 3!!)

    Wonder if Hilly got in this year..image

  • Sent my entry off when it said less than 100 places left, so I don't expect I got in either.  It's always been a popular race, but seems to be more popular than ever these years. 

    When I ran for a club in Dorset it was for years one of their championship races along with being a Dorset Road League race, but because those entering these championships weren't getting places it was taken off the calander.  Oh well there's always entering again next year.

  • Agreed - I might enter the day after the race this time image

    So it's Andy Reading again, which is nearer where I live (parents in Poole, hence the xchurch interest)..problem is i'm cursed with that one!!

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