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Guess what everyone? I have only nine weeks left to b!tch about my thesis. After that, I'm moving to Oslo, first for a summer language course, and then for a year-long postdoc. Yes, I finally got scholarships!!! So, I know it's a long shot, but does anyone know how I can find info on running clubs there? I don't know the Norwegian words to type into Google, and the searches I've done in English haven't revealed much.

Thanks in advance!


  • There's some sort of midnight sun marathon in Tromso. I'm not quite sure what help that is, but the organisers might know abotu local clubs or something?
  • For a start, you could try some of the links on - they have postings from people recommending routes in all the world's major cities, along with links to clubs etc.

    PS are you named after Hildegard of Bingen, or is that a silly question?

    Love from LynneW.

  • Don't forget us over here Hilde, when you're over there partaking of your saunas and birching naked buttocks in the snow parties!
  • Try looking for the Oslo 1/2 marathon race in September. Great race but Oslo was v expensive!!!!!!
  • Thanks for the ideas. I've heard about how expensive it is, but fortunately my scholarship (allegedly) pays enough. Well, enonugh to live, but not enought to drink lots. Probably just as well.
  • Hildegard,
    Have a look at
    Webb site for runners in Norway. Running in Oslo is great .Fab air and lovely trails
    just outside city . Frognerparken is also lovely to run round. Lots of people do sport in Norway , there so much space !
    Im going to Arendal(south)in july, will do a race there on the 4thJuly a 10km. Really
    excited about it as it is my first race in Norway . Good luck ! Perhaps I'll see you at the 1/2 marathon in Oslo
  • Thanks for the link Elin, I'll have a look. I'm not sure about a half in September though - I'll be starting my postdoc, whilst trying to finish/submit my doctoral thesis. Also, I'll have just had three weeks holiday. But, I'll also have six weeks over the summer for lots of training. Perhaps I *can* do it...
  • Hildegard, to finish a race in the Bislet Stadium is fantastic. Think of the great names.
    I've got a picture of me finishing with Ingrid kristiansen just behind me!
    She must have been doing a training run.
    I'd like to go back myself one day.
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