Ice packs..where to buy?

I've been using packs of frozen peas and sweetcorn to ice my knees after a run.Works fine but wondered where I could buy an ice pack-the sort to use time and time again.
I've had a look in the large supermarkets and high street chemists-they have the once only ones but not the pop in the freezer sort!
I don't really want to order off the internet..
Where can I find one?


  • I got one in Boots I think. A freezer pack that you can wrap round the limb. It won't  fit round a quad but a knee or ankle is ok.
  • Try aldis if theres one near you ,they are pretty good you can use them hot or cold,i just use mine for ice,cheap as well.
  • I got a gel pack in Boots which can be used either as a heat pack (by putting it hot water), or ice pack (by putting it in the freezer).
  • Many thanks.

    I tried Boots but my local one didn't sell them-it is a smaller Boots so will try the oxford one when i next go into town.

    I find ice really does work to stop the aches and pains post run.My hubby laughs at me though with bag of frozen peas on one knee and a bag of sweetcorn on the other!!
  • Got mine from Boots as well - Hammersmith branch in London.

  • susiebe, try one of those wheat filled bags. They're usually used hot, the sort you microwave, but are equally adapted to being frozen. The advantage is they mold around the body part nicely unlike traditional ice packs which are more rigid.
  • I got one in Decathlon - came with it's own little cloth sleeve with velcro tab etc etc. And was pretty cheap - like most things in Decathlon!
  • Many thanks for your replies

    I have seen the wheat ones but didn't realise they could be used frozen as well.

    Think I'll be getting one as it can also help warm my feet at night!
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