Santa Dash 5K

I was going to say why can't I start a forum discussion for this event ? but I can now, so here goes -

my number has finally arrived - luckily I'm not superstitious - I'm no 13

How early do you have to enter to be no 1 ? I entered back in February


  • Mine arrived today, but I only got round to entering a couple of weeks ago!

    I think to be number one, you have to know someone. Kenny Dalgleish runs with no 7, I think - presumably his old shirt number ( a footy fan will correct me, I'm sure) 

  • apparently, to be number 1 you have to be related to someone.

    Kenny Dalglish doesn't run it anymore - he only did the first 2 because they were in aid of his wife's charity - and yes, that was his shirt number

  • I got issued with No.1 for last years Bolton 10K, I was not happy !! Far too slow to wearing No.1, I won't be entering so damn early for next year !!
  • I was just quite impressed that a) I recognised a footballer, and b) it was as I ran past him!
  • see my blog for a picture of Kenny and me taken after 2005 Santa Dash

    Ho Ho Ho

  • Daggers is a legend! anyway, he started his own run along with the Alan Ball charity last year, think its round stanley park, or Sefton park, entrants either get a red number 7 shirt (his Liverpool) or a blue 8 (Balls everton shirt)

    I was going to run the santa dash this year after doing it last year, but i wont have chance to go and get the santa suit from over in Liverpool, last year wasnt too bad i sent my wife when she had a day off, now though it just isnt possible.

  • you can pick it up on the morning at Derby Square - go on, get your entry in, and pick the suit up on the day
  • Did the santa dash last year and it was great.

    Had to get the train over from the Wirral in the morning, and was feeling a bit nervous getting on with my santa suit on ( lucky i was the only one on the platform) but when the train pulled into the station it was just full of santas. A very funny sight. Sadly I can't do it this year as I'm going to a party the night before and wont be back in time.image

  • Did a warm up to the Santa Dash today the RNLI REINDEER 10k at Knowsley Hall  - very nice location.

    The sun was out, but it was sub-zero temperatures all the way round, will have to train up and down ASDA's freezer aisle for next year - looked like RUDOPLH time i finished - but had a good day.

    Am sure the santa suit will keep me warm enough for the dash - does one wear 'Long Johns' underneath or will me boxies and 1973 Everton Top suffice!

    Lets hope the weather is kind to us next Sunday.

  • i wear running tights and thin long-sleeved top - otherwise the suit gets itchy, or rubs
  • I wear something that I don't mind being covered in red fluffy bobbles for evermore ... shorts and t-shirt - it's quite warm in there, and I don't find it itchy (and I find lots of things itchy!)
  • Lovely day here in Formby. Let's hope it's as good tomorrow. Good luck to anyone running

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