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Hi folks, I'm taking part in the St Andrews 6k this Sunday at Strathclyde park, and I'm nervous as hell as it's my first event since last November due to injury.  I'm looking for advice on how to keep relaxed, and not worry that I'm going to injure myself.  Any advice, no matter how weird most welcome.


  • Hi

    I don't really have any advice, as I am a bag of nerves before a race too, so I know how you feel! I just want to wish you luck though, and I bet you will surprise yourself! Let us know how you goimage

  • Best advice is probably start at the back, keep it slow, wrap up warm, chat to all the crowd at the back (they/we are normally pretty chatty at the non-pointy end of the field) and most of all just enjoy it. Keep half your brain monitoring the injury site and be prepared to stop and walk if anything hurts!


    You probably knew this anyway, but wanted someone else to give you the advice! image

  • many runners have pre race nerves s its nothing to be ashamed of.

     I agree about keeping mid to back in position - I always run near the back (not by choice, Im a bloomin slow runner!!) and I have had some laughs with complete strangers, keeping each other going.

    You'll be fine, once you get into your stride you'll wonder what all the fuss and worry was about.image

  • Cheers folks, one of my friends is going to do the run with me, so that well ease the nerves a little.

  • I managed to do the 6k today, and apart from my calf feeling sore when I walk, it went quite well.  The only downside, for me, was at the 3k mark. I slowed to walking pace, and that killed my legs, but stepped it up for the last 2k, and finished well, (for me that is).  Now, the only thing to see is, what my recovery will be like, as my condition/injury, (spinal problems) does make my recovery times longer than most.  If all goes well, i'll be looking forward to next year, and running in sunner weather.
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