Advice please!

I have had some knee discomfort so being on the safe side cut down on my running,stretched,iced and made an appointment to see a physio.The appointment is on Thursday.
Anyway he advised me (on the phone) to still go out running but cut back a little.So I did go out and run 4 miles a few days ago,the knee although a bit stiff with a little discomfort when I started eased during the run.When I got home I stretched really well(much more thoroughly than I've ever done before) and sat with it elevated and iced it for about 15 minutes.I've since done another 4 miles and done the same really good stretching and icing afterwards.
Now touch wood since then the knee has felt fine!Just a bit stiff when I first get out of bed.I've carried on doing some good stretches.
Now I'm wondering whether I still need to see the physio on Thursday.Do I save my hard earned or still go and see him for he to check me over etc???
Not sure what to do!


  • My honest advice would be to use the money and go to see him. It will set your mind at rest and also there could be a problem which still allows you to run but everytime you run you are actually doing more damage so it is worth finding out.
  • Agree with Peroni. 

    Or run but don't stretch or ice afterwards and see if the pain returns?

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