Newbie ahoy!

Hi *bit nervous*

After a 'helpful' friend roped me in to do the Marlow Half I started running to and from work on odd days of the week, then I accidentally did Hell Runner (down South) a couple of weeks ago and enyjoyed it enormously. I'm now trying to maintain my motivation and make sure that I run often enough for it to make a difference, am signing up next week for the Watford half in March... my goal here is to run it in sub 1.30 and I hope I have the training time to do it. Any tricks/tips much appreciated.



  • Hi new boy (oo look at his shiny new uniform!)  :--))

    Well done on Hell Runner and the Half.  There are some good training plans if you hit TRAINING tab at the top of the page.

    You do know that you'll be as addicted to this site as r*nning in a few weeks time??? ;--)

    Welcome to the madhouse and happy r*nning!!

  • Nice one. Cheers, S
  • We like new meat on here......... image


    You're annoyingly speedy for a newbie.......image

  • Welcome

    wishing u every success on your long road to fitness

    it's a happy road , but can be tough

    it'll be - EASY - EASY - EASY   image

  • Welcome to the forum
  • Hi Steve,

    There both quite hard events to do, so i think you must be quite fit already.

    I have thought about doing Marlow as my sister lives there but it looks a bit hilly. Best thing for motivation I find is entering races and i think you got plently of time. to train for March. The running plans on here are really useful.

    Best of luck with it all.

    Posh x

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