Sacroiliitis Cure Needed ASAP

Hi people,

I've just found out that the reason I've been in so much pain over the last 3 months every time I try and run is because I've been suffering from Sacroiliitis - the back of my pelvis on the right is bending in places it's not supposed to be bending and it's straining all the ligaments around my right hip.

Has anyone else on here been through this and out the other end? Will I ever run again?

I've been referred by my Doctor for some physio on the NHS, but have been told that it might not start for a couple of months or so.

Any advice would be most welcome - thanks.


  • Oh Vince, that sounds nasty. 

    Sorry, dont have any advise or anything as I've never heard of this.  Hope you come out the other side soon.

    You could always find a private physio to tide you over until the NHS one comes through.  They aren't too expensive and it may help you start treatment now rather than later.

  • Hi Vince - I can't say if my problems were the same as yours, but I did have repeated sacro-iliac strains for several years, ending with a prolapsed disc (that did hurt). All very depressing for active people!

    What helped me was changing sport and dealing with back stiffness via McKenzie exercises (The Back Book, Back in Action etc). I was a cruddy old lifelong cyclist -  your back doesn't do much on the bike. For the last 3 years I have been training with a swimming club and this is my second season of competitive cross country running, up to 16 miles. I try to avoid running on hard surfaces though - dodgy backs tend to involve hips and knees too so the softer the ground the better.

    I hope that has given you encouragement - professionals don't seem to offer any morale support, and life is very bleak indeed when you feel your sporting days are over. If you can feel positive and find safe exercises that help you gradually get back to what you want to do, that will give you a great sense of achievement.

  • Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction is painful and may be caused by a slight misalignment in the joint. It responds quite well to manipulative therapies and spending money on an osteopath or sports physio might be a good investment.

    Sacroiliitis is an inflammatory process that indicates some form of arthritis and is a different kettle of fish entirely.

    Check which one you've got before proceeding.

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