Breastfeeding Mums Who Run...?

Hello everyone,

 Are there any mums out there who train a lot and breastfeed their babies? (Not at the same time, of course!)

I gave birth 6 1/2 months ago and have been running on and off since. I've also been breastfeeding exclusively since then. The thing is, it seems to be harder to run that it ever was pre-pregnancy. Is that the breastfeeding? I used to be able to run for ages and not feel tired. Anybody have the same problem? If so, what do you do? I don't want to give up going for runs because it keeps me sane... Me-time without worrying about the baby! And helps my energy levels overall. Just seems I have no energy for running.

 It'd be interesting to hear from anybody who breastfeeds and also takes part in running training, and to hear your experience of it!



  • try the Mums Running Club thread in the Health & Injury section

    likley to get more help there
  • Yifter. as you are not a breast feeding lady just go somewhere else and stir up trouble.


    follow FB's advice and goodluck

  • Well, I've thought about it but I want to carry on feeding my daughter myself for a while longer.... Breast is best, after all! If it means I shouldn't run, I'll stop. But I know there are others who run and breastfeed so it must be doable image
  • Yifter I know you give your own kind of advice on many many subjects on here and you like to be controversal and thats your way thats fine.

      but when you start telling people what a 6 month old baby needs or doesn't need then its going a bit far.........

    a baby doesn't need to be played with or loved  or given clean clothes...........or fed regulary will survive usually..........................but for a baby to be happy and well brought up it needs a lot of other things and each one is different as each parent is different.

    I'd just rather you give your advice on your 'specialist subject'  running

  • I didn't presume that you were a man.........yifter not sure why you thought I had.

    and as we have probably never met I accept that you have never heard me say anything worthwhile..........Its something that I admit i rarely do in real life let alone on a forum.

    but I do agree with you in the fact that i hope summerrain finds an answer

  • Hello Summerrain

    I breast fed both of my children and during those times it left me totally and utterly exhausted.  Your body is manufacturing food for your child.  It is working very very hard.  If your baby is not sleeping through the night you may be compounding the fatigue until one day it catches up with you... so in answer to your question yes I do believe it is the breastfeeding affecting your energy.

    Yifter has a point.  At six months babies are starting to be weaned.  Some breastfeeding mothers will cut down on their breastfeeds and substitute for formula feeds.  So if you are finding it a physical challenge at the moment and are too tired, it's time to choose - do you use your energy for yourself ie cut down on breastfeeds and use forumula, or rest and recoup so you can continue your breastfeeds.  It's your choice.  image   Perhaps compromise with shorter runs?

  • Summerrain, I'd suggest that maybe its not entirely down to breastfeeding, but that maybe the fact that you have a small baby and therefore not long ago gave birth might also be affecting your ability to get back running the way you were before.

    Important to remember that pregnancy changes your body dramatically and that you need to give it time to recover. 6 months post pregnancy and still feeding, your hormone levels will still be elevated and the looseness in your joints, caused by the relaxin your body made when pregnant (so that the ligaments of your pelvis could relax enough to allow your child to be delivered) is probably still evident.

    Just because paula Radcliffe was back to proper running almsot immediately after her child was born does not mean that you should presume to be able to do the same. If you are finding it hard, it must be for a reason. Give yourself a break and take it easy while you are still feeding. Once your child is eating more solids and needs less nutrition from you (so when breastfeeding is more of a drink/snack than main food source) your body will adapt and you'll probably find you have plenty more energy.
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