Knee injury.

My knee has been feeling tight over the last few weeks following an attempted return to football. It's at it's worst after I've sat down for a while. It's uncomfortable when I first set off running but it soon eases off.

This morning I went out for just over an hour along country footpaths, through fields and along farm tracks. You know the sort of thing - tree roots/stumps, hidden dips, potholes, etc. The first ten minutes were a bit uncomfortable but then all seemed OK. I got back to my office and the knee felt absolutely fine.

Now it's starting to stiffen up a bit and there's some (but not a lot of) discomfort. If I get up and walk around it loosens up again.

Can I tap the combined wisdom of all of you out there in forum-land? It's obviously an injury of some sort but does anyone have any ideas what it might be and whether I should keep running through it? Or should I be resting?


  • Thanks Tim

    Since that first, and probably last, foray back into the footballing world, I've not played again. The knee hasn't got any worse but, then again, it's not got any better.

    I've tried a bit of rest but, like you, I am perhaps not that sensible. As soon as I get out and run I'm off as if my life depended on it. I can't/don't do anything by halves (I feel a topic for another posting coming on!).

    I'm working on the basis that it goes away when I run, walk or cycle so therefore it's not really a problem. I wonder whether this is common sense on my part or complete and utter folly!!

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