how do you get your nicknames?

Hi only been using this site for about a week, came across it by accident. I was wondering how you came about your nicknames, some of them being quite unusual. I for instance am not really a bitch! The name comes from the fact that we have two girls and my hubbie calls us his three bitches (4 if you include the dog). Just wondered!


  • TmapTmap ✭✭✭
    I got mine because my first name is "Peter" and my surname is "Kennedy".

    You can't put a price on comedy.

  • Well using bitch's reasoning, suppose I should change my nick-name to "waste-of-space"
  • think that one should be reserved for "steve bond"
  • he he Mike!

    Chimp's story is quite interesting, but I'll let him tell you.

    I did a joke post just before Xmas about Reindeer doing ultra marathons (while delivering presents!) and put the picture up for that. Benz then decided that a lot of my comments were decidedly "fruity" as she put it, so I became Fruity Reindeer. The Sub 4 is the latest in a long line of prefixes because of my marathon time :-)
  • cns - crippled n scarred from when some large Scottish bloke fell on my leg and snapped it when I was playing american football.

    the picture doesn't lie
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    My real name's Michelle, and I am called a lot of things (mostly far too rude, wouldn't want to shock anyone), but the tamest would appear to be Smitch, so I stuck with that one.
  • Ooo Smitch - do tell us more!
  • Just thought it was funny !!
  • SmitchSmitch ✭✭✭
    Couldn't tell you Fruity, far too shocking. Might after a few shandies on Friday though! :o)

    I like Itchyringer, very good.
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    Smitch, do they call you things like darling, love, or waoooooow?
  • thnx for the replies - very interesting. Am away for a few days cant wait to see the replies when I get back.
  • Thanks for the thread, I chose my original moniker before seeing the inventiveness (real word?) of the cheeky scamps on the forum. That name came from my profession and my gender!

    I have now decided now to go back to my childhood and take the name given to me in Junior school (and predates the cartoon by a good few years, I might add) Funny that, I am oldest of a big family and my nickname was passed on to all of my 5 siblings.

  • Josie Jump is a charactor in Balamory, a childrens programme on CBeebies.

    I originally posted in my own name but soon cottened on that most people used nicknames. I don't have any nick names but as I was mulling possibilities over my daughter said that I looked like Josie Jump when I came back from my run, So Josie Jump I became :-)

    The busted back bit comes from the fact that I am being shuttled between podiatrist and chiropractor in an effort to finally sort out my injury problems.
  • LestradeLestrade ✭✭✭
    I am "Steady" because I am steady.
  • I often substitute the word 'hamster' in anotherwise innocent sentence to see if my children are listening.

    'Crash' is between me and my insurance company.
  • None of the above reflects on my poor typing skills :-)
  • Well - I was going to use my real name of Paula R - but decided that might intimidate people a bit - so just pulled this one out the air....
  • Dont know about the rest of you but if I called my Mrs "bitch" I'd be eating through a straw for the forseeable future.

    Guess I'm just one of those "new men" I've read so much about in FHM

  • My name really is Roos - which is the Dutch version of 'Rose' and should be pronounced more or less like that as well. Since moving to Scotland people pronounce it sometimes as 'Ross' but most often as '(kanga)roos'.
    Working on my hopping skills now...
  • "Pig Pen" comes from a HHH run at box hill, when, stopping to admire the view, I collected a whole menegarie of buzzing flies and other winged insects around my head. Must be that I have particularly sweet smelling sweat or maybe, and more likely, just horribly stinky !! Spent the rest of run with a fern tucked in shirt collar to ward off beasties !
  • Would that be a mobile fern?
  • groan.
  • ooohhh chimp you're on good form today :-)
  • I'm just a normal bloke, cursed with a wayward appendage that seems to run my life. A truly dastardley dick...
  • My name describes me to a T
  • Jose.Jose. ✭✭✭
    i got my nickname on sale, there's a nice nickname's shop in wimbledon shopping centre
  • Is it open on Tuesdays......?
  • Im not really sure where mine came from.......!
  • Hi Speedy, your English is improving rapidly, did you buy a language cassette too?
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