Tight calves and numb feet

Hello everyone!

Need some advice on a current problem of mine. Whilst running i develop very tight calves which also leads to getting a numb feeling in my feet. This is very annoying and has become a bit of a stumbling block for me at the minute but doesn't get to point where i need to stop just slows me down. It starts within the first mile as well!

Two symptoms i think it could be either unsuitable running shoes or lower back problems.

What do you guys think?

Much appreciated.


  • i take it you're stretching enough before running, this might stop your calves from 'cramping' and getting tight, this would then stop you're feet going numb.

    Also dont tie your laces too tight, i used to do this when i started running, someone advised me that your feet swell when running, so loosen them up, might feel weird at first but you get used to it

  • As Jay said the lacers are probably to tight, this stops circulation to your feet and causes the numbness.I've had this in the past and lossening your trainers should work.Not sure about the calves though as i've just hurt myn!
  • correct warm up and warm down,stretch only when muscles are warm and not cold.
  • Thank you for the advice guys!    image
  • did you manage to resolve this Dazla?

    in the last couple of weeks i've been suffering from exactly the same thing and loosening my laces doesn't seem to make much difference and i can't think of a reason why my calves should suddenly have tightened up

  • Just did a half marathon over the weekend and still got the numbing sensation in the feet. The tight calves developed into a problem around the ankle area that still persists but as i am in FLM training i cannot give  myself complete rest until after April 26th!
  • I get the numb feet thing, especially in my right foot. It's horrible! Oddly it seems ot be pressure on the ball of my foot that causes it, as it's worse when on the crosstrainer than when running.
  • DAZLA74

    Maybe get your lower back checked out as it could be a sciatic nerve problem.

  • i'll keep my fingers crossed that you hold together until the end of April then Dazla image

    now you mention it Sophie, i always get the numb feet thing on the cross trainer altho i'd forgotten cos i don't really use it very often.   this is a first for me when running and i don't like it!!

    i've bitten the bullet and have a physio appointment next week so we'll see what he says...

  • If you can get someone to video you running from the side, back and front. I had this done as part of a Chi-running course and it really helps as you can see all the mistakes (heel strike, hunched over like a caveman, etc). Then you can try and sort them out.

    I sometimes have a problem with tight calves that is caused my pushing off with the trailing foot. Could be this is your problem as well. Try a run where you take smaller steps and think about what your feet are doing. I find this really helps work out what the problems are.

  • i shall try the smaller steps thing tomorrow and see what happens - thanks James image
  • I have been told by my G.P. that i have quite flat arches so this could be a contributing factor to my problem! Thanks for the feedback guys! image
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