2 HRM or not 2 HRM that is the question

Hi All, I have recently started plodding and was thinking of buying an HRM, Will it help or is it a tool for the more experienced runner. I was looking at the MIO but think possibly that having to keep putting my fingers onto the sensors will become a pain.
All views warmly accepted


  • As a beginner, I find mine useful. It lets me know how hard I am pushing myself, although I sometimes wonder if I would be better just ignoring it instead of being ruled by it!

    I've only got a cheap one from Argos, but it's a chest strap which seems to work fairly well. Maybe later in the year I might treat myself to a proper runners one (when I become a "proper runner"!).
  • Yes yes yes, Tony. I was struggling and groaning and crying for MONTHS when I first started because I just couldn't 'run' for more than five or six minutes at a time. I eventually got an HRM (£40 from um, dunno - an ad in RW, anyway. Blitz?).

    I didn't think it was possible for a penguin such as I to go too fast, but obviously I was. To keep my heart rate down I had to slow down even further, and bingo! I waddled for 20 minutes without stopping.

    I can't recommend one highly enough. Also buy the book 'Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot' by John L. Parker jnr. It will change your running life! :o)
  • Hi Tony, I find mine useful to keep a check on hard I am pushing myself on my shorter runs and also to maintain a slower pace on my longer runs. Mine also has a stop watch so I can time my runs down to the second which helps when I am only improving by a few seconds.
  • I think Juliejoo may be thinking of the Sigma PC14 from Up and Running. I bought this last year it does most what I need from a watch plus the HRM features. It's cheap -£40 and a good intro into HRM esp. for a beginner.

    I like -
    Looking at cals burnt (pride)
    Lap counter, (check mile pace)
    Stop watch separate from Lap counter - you can get gun and start line times

    As well as making sure you put the effort in on hard runs it also stops you overdoing easy days...the pleasure of being told you are running too fast is great!!

    I don't like - fiddly buttons and stopping the lap counter
  • Does this one work in the pool too??
  • Thanks for the info everybody
    I have been looking online at prices and found Timex Ironman for £45 I am a bit of a gadget freak but cant justify hundreds of pounds at the moment for one that chills your drink for you as you run ! and talks to your PC
  • i.bought.a.hrm.and.trained.with.it
  • Juliejoo,

    Have you got the ISBN for book mentioned, I've done a quick search at Amazon and BOL but with no joy. I've recently invested in a Nike HRM which I'm very happy with, but probably not using it to its full capabilities.
  • ISBN: 0-915297-25-6.
    Heart Rate Training For The Compleat Idiot by John Parker Jnr.

    If Amazon don't have it, you can get it from here...

    Sportspages - The Specialist Sports Bookshop
    Caxton Walk
    94-96 Charing Cross Road
    London WC2H 0JG, ENGLAND
    Tel : +44 20 7240 9604
    Fax : +44 20 7836 0104
    email : info@sportspages.co.uk

    Hope that helps,
  • Couldn't agree more with the comments. I've been running since May and found the hrm has given me a) a focus/plan around which to train and b) a gudie to how I'm doing in terms of fast/slow, hard/easy etc. But it only started to work for me when I got the Parker book above. He emphasises working out your max heart rate from REAL figures (I go on my max hrm in a 3 mile race). For me, this puts the ranges higher than the equations predict. The equations err on the side of caution, and I think trying to run at these 'book' rates was holding me back. Enter Parker's book, and it's all fallen into place.
  • Also, has anyone tried the Polar personal trainer site, part of the Polar web site? I find this a great way of logging my runs, does all sorts of jolly graphs etc. (Though you have enter yourself as a 'competetive athlete' on the profile if you don't want them working out your programme for you, which is stretching the truth somewhat for me).
    I use a Polar M51, but it doesn't count laps and I wish it did.

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