Garmin 305

I've had my Garmin for 11 months and have recently have to delete some of the history on the device - tonight when I went to download my latest runs my whole stored history has gone.  I had a message about profiles when logging on and just okayed it without really reading it (that will teach me!) I'm now thinking I've lost my data for good - anyone else experienced this?

Definitely going to keep a paper log going forwardimage


  • Do you not download your history to SportsTracks or  to the software that comes with the watch???

    I'm sorry to hear about you losing the data but you shouldn't store it on the watch. You need the data on a spreadsheet or one of the apps mentioned above. There are others too, like MotionBased.  I prefer Sportstracks as it's free, but that's just me.

    I delete my watch history every couple of weeks, once I'm certain that it's been captured elsewhere and backed up/

  • If you contact Garmin through their website on, you have the option to escalate the question to an agent (look for the link).

    I have used this a few times, and while it usually takes a few days to get a reply I have always found them really helpful and informative. Give them a try, you have nothing to lose by the look of it. Be as specific and detailed as you can when giving them the information about your query.

    Hope that helps.

  • How do you delete the history in the watch? I use sports tracks but it is starting to take a while with all the history on it.

  • Hopeful, have you tried restoring your PC to a date before you deleted?  Then you can save the logbook properly.

    I don't use TC much, like emost people I use Sprtrack, which lets you save your history to anywhere you want. 

  • Sorry, I may have misunderstood. Is the data missing from the PC rather than from the watch?

    If it's the former, you may be lucky. Depends what you're downloading it to. If it's the Garmin software, you may find the data is archived, but I can't tell you anymore as I don't use it. If you changed your profile, it sounds like you need to change your profile back to what it was.

    You can delete watch data by going to "History" where you'll find the option to delete all.

  • Thanks for everyone's views.  Yes the data has gone from PC and I was using the Training Center software.  I never physically deleted the log TC just decided I didn't want it anymore!  I only have my history from the lasts 3 months which I still had on my watch.  Think I'll give the online help a go...

    Never even heard of sports track so might look into this.

  • Have you checked your Recycle Bin?
  • Not a sausage!
  • Just read my response from those at Garmin (quite impressed with the turnaround) apparently it looks like I've lost data for good (not so impressed!) but I should upgrade to a newer version of TC - ho hum...  note to self, next time back it all up, not rocket science but just never got round to itimage  Too much time spent on forums!!!
  • Bad luck. I tend to use Sportstracks for all the analysis and mapping tools, but I also use the David Hays spreadsheet (google it) as a backup.
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