Magneto TT - resistance level


I've had my Magneto TT for about a month but find it difficult to know how tight to set the resistance wheel.

I did 50 mins the other day and after finishing, the bits of dirt I thought had been falling off the pike/pedals/shoes, turned out to be rubber off the rear tyre.

 The instructiuon manual advises to tighten the resistance wheel until it touches the tyre, then turn the tightening knob 2 or 2.5 turns. This seems far too tight - can anyone else with a Magneto offer any guidance - thanks.

PS now my tyre has a lot less rubber - is it more likely tto burst?


  • If it's not slipping during normal use then it's tight enough - also I'd keep the tyre pressures pretty high. 

  • Turbos generate a lot of heat - so they do wear tyres more.

    You can buy a harder wearing turbo tyre - but thats v slippy on the road - so no use unless you have a dedicated wheel, or an un natural passion for changing tyres ?

    You can get a cheaper tyre too for winter if you know you'll be turboing.

    You need the resistance on enough so you wont slip the tyre against the roller - but not enough to damage the tyre.

    If I were you - I'd try again but back it off a half turn ? Different tyres will have different heights - so there isnt one magical setting for every tyre.

    50 mins is a good effort though - how hard were you exercising ?
    Turbo isnt the same as outdoor cycling - it should be shorter but sharper - you need a book and a HRM to get the best out of it.
  • Thanks Cougie

    I do one long-ish ride per week on the road, but heading for IM next year, I wanted to get into a routine of doing high cadence rides at home as well. I live in London so spend most short rides dodging buses or at traffic lights.

    50 mins - taking it up a gear every 5 mins, so by the end I was quite sweaty. It helped me avoid Strictly Come Dancing in the other room though.

  • So cougie..........which books do you recommend to read whilst on the you rest them on the aerobars??
  • I heard that Cougs can just about manage his Janet & John books on the turbo.....Solzenhitsyn he finds a little tougher.....

  • I cant even spell that !

    I did get an accessory yeeeeears back that was to put your book on the bars - what a waste that was. The vibration was rididulous and you cant concentrate on reading either.

    So read your training book before the session. thats my advice.
  • i tried to watch Kill Bill on the turbo last night, very tricky the only thing half dead was me as usualimage
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