A Face Book glitch ..........

When I search for "Twin Town" on the afore mentioned Face Book, the profile of a RW forumitte comes up number 2 in the searches, ..................... every time?


  • Nope.  When you search for anything, it will bring up everyone who has "twin town" in either their title or profile, and generally starts with the people you are associated with (either as a friend, or have mutual friends)
  • I searched for Jonathan Ross once and got a match with a good friend of mine who has nothing to do with him!

    You only have to ask you know PM, if you're looking for my profile....image

  • Cor .................. that's clever
  • I'd love to LB, but I have absolutley no idea who you are ...................... in the "real world" of face book.

    Is that an oxymoron? 

  • There are more sinister things on FB though.. last year the Speeddate application accessed everyone in my contacts list in GMail and sent them an email saying I thought they would benefit from going on Speeddate to meet someone!

    Only thing is they sent it to EVERYONE!

    Which included my recently widowed mother. image She wasn't happy at all!

    But on the funny side I guess it would have also sent it to the girl I had dated for a few weeks and split from lol!

    But seriously, some FB stuff should be watched out for!

  • DM does. He keeps reminding me that I don't have much work to do.....image

    Although I have cleared my in tray today! I chucked most of it in the bin.....image

  • Are you in the West Midlands, PM?

    And if you are how would you know my cousin? I searched your name and it came up with 1 mutual friend. I expected it to be Barley or Dm or someone like that, but it's my 21 year old cousin and now I'm properly confoooooosed......image

  • Nope, but now I am confussed image. I only have 5 or 6 RW peeps in my friends, and neither of the above

    I have a number of staff members in my friends who are currently at Uni, maybe one of them is a freind of your cousin .

    You have mail anyway LB, 

  • ... well you will soon, well soonish. The Rw contact thingy is not renowned for it's speed image
  • Maybe after Christmas......image

    I think Catherine hates us enough already trying to change our avatars to Christmassy stuff......image

    It's not there yet!

  • I suspect I might have located Coops, as we appear to have 12 mutual friends.....image
  • Just found Coops, i didn't know he ran image
  • You bad, bad man!image
  • you got that mail yet?

    i'm off to collect more logs, it's gonna get chilly tonight 

  • Nope! image

    Did you check the spelling? image

    Most people write Andrews......image

  • No, no I sent it via RW not FB
  • I CAN SEE YOU PM!!!!


  • All I can say is........................

    F*ck off I'm busy.  image

    Not a glitch. Noting sinister, No one need worry about a FB hack.

  • Fatty's boys?
  • image Please explain?

    p.s. lurks till can see PM on LB farsebook after xmas is over and make sure he isn't a axe murderer

  • A film from the late 90's

    Twin Town

    It has a certain "something "about it which has got it a bit of a cult following.

  • I remember that! It was hilarious!
  • Are you being funny about the axe murderer bit? If not, who told you? It's NOT funny.

    It was not my proudest moment.

  • It's my biggest fear about coming on hear some of these people don't even run you know. image
  • I've heard that....image
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