Bedfords Moustache is still on!

Having completed the 1000 mile Challenge the London Marathon was the hardest race I have ever run. The thing that kept me going was the fact that if I won Dave Bedfords moustache would come off for charity. I really believed it would happen but I am so dissapointed it hasn't. There is a picture on the Flora London Marathon website of Dave without the tache but it's fake, he is hiding in Brazil complete with tache! I think it should come off on his return, please let me know your thoughts.


  • maybe we should get an MP to force through a private members bill declaring that conditions of re-entry for David Bedford are that he must remove his moustache?
  • Nooo !!! Someone thought it was a fake, but it fooled me !

    Well done on your win. Very impressive !
  • doh! dodgy messages dissapearing thing again!
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    If DB's passport photo shows him avec 'tache maybe he didn't think he would get through Brazil customs tache-less!

    Well done Shona, loved the bit on BBC where the interviewer was trying to keep up with you. Now I know why we never see any interviews with the sub 2:45 bunch during the race!
  • Isn't moustache a difficult word to spell, have never used it in any of my great compositions to date, including the epic letter of complaint about my speeding ticket.

    I digress, perhaps the moustache could be lifted whole and displayed in perpetuity (another word I've never used before) in the FLM hall of fame. Could go alongside a rhino suit and a v large jar of vaseline.

    Shona, well done indeed
  • Off!!

    Well done Shona :-)
  • Off! Off! Off! Off!
  • Give him an ultimatum he either gets it shaved off or he will be pinned to the floor and each hair can be plucked out!!!!

    Shona, many congratulations on your achievement.

    GirlPower!!! :))
  • is the retention of the afore mentioned required to enable the continuation of a career in dutch adult entertainmemt ?.
  • it has to come off.
    i'm sure you will be able to find many a strong person to hold him down while you do the honours!
    AND! well done to you as well. I can't believe what you have achieved over the past 6 weeks.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    Well done Shona - tremendous result!
  • Shona - if that is really you and not someone mucking around pretending to be you - got a very nice picture of you on Saturday.

    Picture of Shona
  • Why dont you do what they used to do on the A Team to get BA on an aeroplane and knock him out next time see him?

    Then when he's away with the zeds, you can shave away to your hearts content.

    Given that he's been such a cad about the whole thing, I'd shave off one eyebrow as well. One eyebrow missing looks funnier than both missing somehow.

    Well done BTW. That was some time after what you'd been through
  • Pluck it out by the roots the cad.
  • I think it might be in his best to have it shaven off in a civil manner on his return from exile as there has been a lot of interest from a team of pheasant pluckers!
  • I think it might be in his best interest to have it shaven off in a civil manner on his return from exile as there has been a lot of interest from a team of pheasant pluckers!
  • Well done in your race Shona! It would have taken more than DaveB's tache to keep me going after all that sleep deprivation...!

    Surely there must be ways to get at the man....
  • I still say pluck it out.
  • Out of interest Shona, did David actually agree to have it shaven off if you won the 1000 mile challenge?

    I think it should go anyway - it's a remnant of the 70s - I'm surprised he's not still wearing that headband he always used to wear :-). I swear the people in the 118 118 advert are based on Dave Bedford!
  • Fruity

    We had the very same conversation in the office yesterday - the blue shorts, the red socks and, of course, the moostash! They have to be based on Dave!
  • I'm laughing.

    Shone, well done, bet you're glad that on is finished! Have you caught up on sleep yet?

    DB shoud definitely shave off the 'tache for two reasons:

    1. A bet's a bet and you won
    2. "A change is as good as a rest" and it's time his upper lip saw daylight He can always grow it back if he hates being without it.
  • Just re-read the thread. What a lot of sadists we have on the forum.


    No wonder the man is hiding in foreign climes.
  • Well Done Shona.

    Get rid of the hairy caterpillar DB!!
  • cmon mate
    That football bloke shaved his head for bloton staying up
  • I've heard a lot about the '118 Bedford lookalikes' and am thrilled to see them at last, they too would look better clean shaven! We would be doing Bedford a huge favour, I loved the bit in the Daily Telegraph describing it as 'his walrus moustache, a fixture since the 70s when it was fashionable!'
  • I must admit I wasn't very old when Dave Bedford was running, but I never remember 'taches like that being fashionable!

    I'm surprised you've never seen the 118 DB lookalikes Shona - have you been really busy doing something for the past couple of months? ;-)
  • Got your number !!
  • Hello Shona I posted on your forum early on, very glad a female won as I had a discussion eith Paul Shields (friend of Rory and myself) and he thought a woman would not have enough body weight to keep energy levels up- I argued that women show greater stamina the longer the event. Any how the real issue is the tache which should come off. Remember a few years ago at Benidorm marathon week a Baildon runner name of Janie managed to crop Ron Hills hair-perhaps it could become mission to rid former running stars of unfashionable hair, sort of "What facial hair not to wear"
  • I fi ever become a "running star" i will gladly sacrifice my hairy legs
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