Bike help needed



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    Actually, I'm starting to wonder if Nurse74 is my twin!

  • And I ride a Spesh Dolce with a 51cm frame btw.  They tried me on a 48 but decided I needed a slightly bigger one.
  • The most comfortable saddle I have found D74 is the Body Geometry Jett.  As they come in different width fittings you can get the one that is right.  I have one on each of my bikes.   But I am getting one of the adamo noseless saddles for Christmas image
  • LOL @ Mouse.

     Rio - As for the Jett sadles, there is no way I'm buying a saddle which is available in widths for her.  As a bloke that's lived to the age of 34, then I have learn't to avoid potential 'does my bum look big' situations, but there is no winning in the "you think I've a wide flange!!!"/ "Are you saying my upper thighs are flabby" .

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